“How can these men be so brutal?” Devendra Fadnavis’s reaction to Sakinaka rape incident

The victim of a rape incident in Mumbai’s Sakinaka area died today while undergoing treatment. There are now angry reactions from all quarters to this brutal incident. Leader of Opposition in the state assembly and former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has expressed strong feelings in this regard. “What happened in Sakinaka and the subsequent death of the victim is heartbreaking. There have been incidents of rape over the past month. This needs to be addressed, “said Devendra Fadnavis. He also said that these incidents were creating a sense of insecurity in Mumbai.

“Sakinaka, Amravati, 3 incidents in Pune, Palghar, Nagpur are all such horrible incidents. We see Mumbai as a safer city. In Mumbai, women never have a problem walking around at night. But such incidents hurt Mumbai’s reputation and create a sense of insecurity. These are incidents that are a disgrace to humanity and raise the question of how these people can be so brutal, ”said Fadnavis.

There should be a fast track court hearing

Meanwhile, Devendra Fadnavis, speaking on the occasion, demanded that the matter be heard in a fast track court. “All the accused involved in this case should be arrested, the case should be taken to fast track and the accused should be punished through it. Such accused should be hanged, ”said Fadnavis.

“The government has no time.”

Devendra Fadnavis also castigated the government from the post of chairperson of the state women’s commission. “Meetings are underway for the Shakti Act. But even using today’s laws, we can run such cases in fasttrack courts. In this case, the Chief Minister himself should meet the judges of the Mumbai High Court and take the matter to the fast track and request for punishment of the culprits. The government has repeatedly promised in the context of the Women’s Commission, the courts have also given orders. But the government has no time to appoint a chairperson of the women’s commission, ”said Fadnavis.

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“..So the police force is weak”

“We also need to think about what is going on in the police department. Such things have happened before. But it is not good for Maharashtra to have such frequent incidents. It should be noted that such incidents should not happen. Frequent incidents occur, that create a feeling of insecurity. There is also some resentment among the police. A CBI probe into the transfer is underway. In the aftermath of the transfers, the IPS officers told me that everything was going on in an irregular manner. The only thing we need here is to bring in people who are comfortable with us, who protect our affairs, that the police force is weakened and the criminals go berserk, ”Fadnavis said, criticizing the state government.

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