How long does it take to wear a mask to get rid of corona? The Central Government replied

Over the past year and a half, Corona has completely changed everyone’s life. To prevent corona, it is advisable to use a mask, socially distinguish and wash your hands regularly. So now all these things have become a part of our lives. People are protecting themselves by vaccinating against coronavirus. However, experts are advising to follow all the rules to prevent infection even after vaccination. Therefore, the question of when to get rid of the mask is often asked by people. People want to know when they can walk around without a mask. Meanwhile, Dr. VK Paul, now a member of the Policy Commission, has answered this question.

According to VK Paul, proper adherence to vaccine, drug and corona restrictions is essential to overcome corona. If Corona is to be defeated, all these things have to be observed together, so the people of India will have to wear masks till next year. Against the backdrop of the upcoming festival, Paul has hinted and said that the possibility of a third wave has not yet been ruled out, the next period is dangerous. In an interview with NDTV, Dr. V. K. Paul said, “There is no way to get rid of the mask right now. We have to continue wearing masks next year, ”he said.

Will there be a third wave of corona in India? Paul has also commented on this. This cannot be denied. Vaccination over the next four to five months can build up herd immunity. “We have to prepare ourselves to survive the epidemic, and I think it will be possible if we come together,” he said. Paul has said.

Paul also commented on the status of the World Health Organization’s approval of covacin. The World Health Organization (WHO) will respond positively to the anti-measles vaccine developed in India by the end of this month, Paul said.

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