“I got half a dozen notices, but”; BJP leader Kirit Somaiya gave a warning

BJP leader Kirit Somaiya has launched a series of allegations against ministers and leaders in the Mahavikas Aghadi government. He has been accusing one minister after another of corruption. Following the allegations, Transport Minister Anil Parab has sent a defamation notice to Kirit Somaiya through his lawyer. Apologize within 72 hours, otherwise Rs 100 crore will be claimed, the notice said. However, Kirit Somaiya has said on Twitter that his fight against corruption will continue.

“I have received half a dozen defamation and warning notices from Pratap Saranaik, Ravindra Vaikar, Hasan Mushrif, Anil Parab and Jitendra Awhad in the Thackeray government. They also interrogated my wife and child, “he tweeted. At the same time, he has made it clear that the fight against corruption in the Mahavikas Alliance will continue.

“I am not afraid of notices and threats. Thackeray government Alibaba is a government of forty thieves. There will be no peace without sending these scammers to jail. So far, 26 scams have been uncovered. Some have officers and some have leaders. I made a list of 11 people and now it includes three. Now my colleagues are working on three more scams, ”said Kirit Somaiya.

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