“I have to go to Kolhapur! Dilip Walse-Patil should stop me ”; Somaiya is aggressive

The Kolhapur District Collector has sent a notice to Kirit Somaiya, telling him not to enter the district. Against this backdrop, a large number of police personnel have been deployed outside Somaiya’s house to prevent him from going to Kolhapur. Meanwhile, Kirit Somaiya was allowed to discharge Ganesha. After that, Somaiya is determined to go to Kolhapur. Therefore, the police can also take Kirit Somaiya into custody.

Kirit Somaiya said, “The police kept me in my office for four hours. I have been barred from entering the district by the Kolhapur District Collector by notice. But I am also being blocked in Mumbai. But I will put Uddhav Thackeray’s Alibaba and forty thieves in jail. ”

Kirit Somaiya has ordered the district administration not to come to Kolhapur district. Collector Rahul Rekhawar has issued this notice. The notice shows inability to provide security for Somaiya’s visit as all the police personnel will be engaged in Ganesh immersion. The district collector has been requested to cancel tomorrow’s tour in view of the opposition from the Nationalist Congress Party. Kirit Somaiya has questioned whether the NCP workers are goons. Kirit Somaiya has appealed to Shadar Pawar, Uddhav Thackeray and Dilip Walse-Patil to stop me.

Fadnavis reacted

“We condemn the move to locate former MP Kirit Somaiya, which is completely illegal,” he said. Our struggle against the state government will continue. ” That is what Devendra Fadnavis has said through a tweet.

Chandrakant Patil questions Thackeray government

“Are they terrorists to set up police in front of Kirit Somaiya’s bungalow?” BJP state president Chandrakant Patil questions Mahavikas Aghadi government. The BJP will not be intimidated by the repressive and hooligan tendencies of the Mahavikas Aghadi. The BJP is backing Kirit Somaiya. ” That is what BJP state president Chandrakant Patil has said.

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