“I will not question Sunil Gavaskar, but…”; Jitendra Awhad’s role on the Bandra plot issue

For the last two days, the state has been discussing the land allotted to Sunil Gavaskar for the cricket academy 33 years ago. The cricket academy has not been built on this land for the last 33 years. While criticizing Sunil Gavaskar, the state’s Housing Minister Jitendra Awhad has clarified his position on Sunil Gavaskar. After Jitendra Awhad tweeted about Gavaskar this morning, he detailed his role while talking to ABP in the afternoon. Also, “I am being criticized for harassing Gavaskars. But I think he is yours, so I spoke, ”said Jitendra Awhad.

“I just expect that”

Jitendra Awhad hopes that Gavaskar will start a cricket academy on that land and produce 15-20 Sunil Gavaskars from there. “Sunil Gavaskar is God to me. My expectation is that the government has given so much. You get such a large piece of land in a major place like Bandra. Various concessions will be given by MHADA. The government is providing facilities only for the name of Sunil Gavaskar. Even now, 15-20 Sunil Gavaskars should be formed from it, ”said Awhad.

“He who believes in God is God.”

Meanwhile, Jitendra Awhad, while talking about why Sunil Gavaskar has not worked for the cricket academy for so many years, said, “I am sorry for Sunil Gavaskar. I will not question the God I believe in. I will not ask them why you did not do this. But I expect that God to make at least 10 Sunil Gavaskars. There is a stark difference between today’s Mumbai team and Sunil Gavaskar’s team. We have to work on it, “said Awhad.

… So I would have canceled the MHADA plot given to Gavaskar; Jitendra Awhad’s tweet

Gavaskar does great commentary, but

Sunil Gavaskar’s commentary. He is one of the best commentators in the world. But now it will gradually decrease with age. So they have to focus here. They should focus on improving the current state of cricket in Mumbai, ”said Jitendra Awhad.

What’s the matter?

The plot was allotted to Sunil Gavaskar Cricket Foundation for cricket training. However, in this very strategic place of two thousand square meters, there was no development in terms of training in so many years. The Gavaskar Foundation is now allowed to train in sports other than cricket on the condition that a lease agreement be signed with MHADA within 30 days and construction on the land be started within a year of the agreement and completed there within three years. Also, since the land has been allotted for cricket training, the foundation will have to guarantee that cricket will be imparted along with other sports. The government will have to remit 25 per cent of the profits from the center.

After Gavaskar retired from cricket, he was given the plot by MHADA in 1988 on the condition of imparting cricket training. But as this very strategic place was lying unused, some organizations demanded MHADA to get it. Gavaskar, meanwhile, wrote letters to MHADA in January, 2020 and March, 2021, demanding relaxation of the conditions imposed on allotment of plots. Admitting this, Gavaskar has also been allowed to train in sports like badminton, football and table tennis.

Earlier, permission was given to start health club, fitness center, gymnasium, swimming pool, squash as well as accommodation for trainees and sports cafeteria on the land in November, 2002. Now, along with cricket, training in other sports will be available here. Apart from this, in case of injuries to the players, a health center will be set up and a hall will be set up to host lectures by sports experts. It has also approved the renaming of the former ‘Indoor Cricket Stadium’ as ‘Multi Facilities Sports Center with Indoor and Outdoor Facilities’.

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