ICMR concludes favorable to government!

News from The New York Times

The Indian Council of Medicine (ICMR) has submitted a report in favor of the government at the behest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, drawing a picture that there is no threat to the spread of the corona virus.

The New York Times reported. This shows that the government is trying to create a misleading picture that the situation in Corona is not very serious.

The New York Times has presented evidence that the ICMR has drawn conclusions favorable to the government. Thus, it is clear that science and evidence were overcome by political objectives during the Corona period. The ICMR was criticized for taking a number of wrong steps in the days leading up to Corona’s ouster. In an editorial published in July 2020, The Wire said that it was not the case today that the ICMR would express a negative opinion on the government’s corona prevention policy. It has now been sealed by The New York Times.

ICMR scientist Anoop Agarwal resigned in October 2020. He said that when he questioned the mathematical model for estimating the spread of the corona, he was silenced by ICMR Director General Balram Bhargava, saying it was not within his jurisdiction. The mathematical model or supermodel was created in October 2020 under the leadership of ICMR. Although experts had expressed skepticism about the model, the ICMR took up the issue with the model to keep Modi’s favor and get the economy back on track. After that, the election campaign was intensified in Bihar.

The findings in the supermodel were sealed by senior government officials, including Prime Minister Modi.

Politics on Corona started in 2020. It was given the religious color that the Corona spread due to the gathering of the Tablighi tribe at the beginning of last year. The ICMR had supported the cause of the spread of corona due to the gathering of the Tablighi tribe. Raman Gangakhedkar, the then chief scientist of ICMR, said he was outraged at the issue of targeting Muslims by setting them on fire. ICMR Director General Balram Bhargava kept quiet saying that he had nothing to do with him.

The report cites three examples of issues raised by the ICMR, which have fueled the government’s optimism that Corona is being detained. An ICMR study in June 2020 concluded that the lockout did not prevent the peak, but did delay it. The ICMR said in a tweet that the study was not observed and was not the official role of the ICMR. According to The New York Times, one of the authors of the study withdrew his dissertation due to pressure from the organization. The organization objected to how the research paper was published without our permission.

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