“If only you had a gold medal and a new world record”, Anand Mahindra tweeted about vaccination!

Anand Mahindra, a well-known industrialist in the country and a director of the Mahindra Group, is always tweeting on various topics. His tweets go viral right away. Whether it is about cricket matches, a viral video or the political situation in the country. Anand Mahindra’s approach to looking at and interpreting all these issues is particularly popular among netizens. A new tweet by Anand Mahindra about the ongoing vaccination campaign in the country has come under special discussion. He tweeted this after midnight on Friday and has also received hundreds of retweets.

Record vaccination on Modi’s birthday

On Friday, on the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday, a wide range of vaccinations were carried out across the country. About 2.5 crore vaccines were administered at this time. So far, this is the highest one-day dose not only in India but all over the world. Therefore, this achievement is being discussed all over the country and the Central Government is being appreciated. Talking about the increasing speed of vaccination, the opposition is also criticizing the slowdown of vaccination for 15 to 20 days just for Modi’s birthday. Against this backdrop, the tweet of industrialist Anand Mahindra has come under discussion.

Vaccine Olympics…!

Anand Mahindra mentions the Vaccine Olympics in his tweet. “A few days ago, I said that we are completing the same phase of vaccination every three days as the Australian population. Yesterday we crossed the same level as the entire population of Australia in a single day. If a vaccine were the Olympics, we would be at the top. We would have a gold medal and a new world record in our name .. “, Anand Mahindra has said in a tweet.

The first dose to more than 59 crore citizens

Along with his tweet, he also shared a screenshot on the Union Health Ministry’s portal. It shows that 2 crore 50 lakh 3 thousand 784 doses were given in the last day. So far, the number of the first dose has reached 59 crore 57 lakh 91 thousand 997 and the number of completion of the second dose has reached 19 crore 75 lakh 20 thousand 443.

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