If there is a crowd in Lalbagh, section 144 will be implemented again – Vishwas Nangre Patil

It is learned that the worship of the ‘King of Lalbaug’ in Mumbai, a place of worship for devotees, has been delayed. Kadekot police has been deployed in the Mandal area and Mumbai Joint Commissioner of Police Vishwas Nangre Patil has also arrived at the spot. After this meeting which lasted for about an hour, Vishwas Nangre Patil has finally given his reaction.

Speaking to the media, Nangre Patil said that the Mumbai Police had ordered the closure of shops under Section 144. However, after discussions with the Mandal, it has been decided that only two persons in the shop will be given passes by the Mandal and Mumbai Police. Only 10 people will be allowed in Aarti. If these rules are violated, Section 144 orders will be enforced again. Devotees will not be able to take any kind of facelift. However, online darshan is on.

Locals are suffering due to the over-security of Mumbai police. Shops in the area have also been closed and police have been deployed on the way to and from the homes of the citizens. The locals in Lalbagh Market were outraged when the police sent notices to the local traders and shopkeepers who had set up the Raja of Lalbagh and closed their shops. But the police have now come up with a solution. The police have banned the direct visit of the king of Lalbaug. Therefore, no devotees from outside will come to Lalbaug.

The police held a discussion with the office bearers of Raja Mandal of Lalbaug for about an hour. The police have also appealed to take care that there will be no crowd during Aarti. The issue has been resolved with the coordination of the police and the boards as the boards have also promised to abide by all the rules.

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