Immersion of Ganesha in the river basin at Sangamner


Due to the release of water from the dam in Pravara Patra, the immersion of Ganesha in the city passed smoothly. However, due to the unfortunate death of Prashant Kokate (age 21) who was studying engineering after drowning in the river, he lost his joy of immersion. The sudden decision to release water caused a major exercise for the workers while preparing for the procession.
All party Ganeshotsav Mandals had decided not to immerse the river till the water comes. Therefore, it was decided that the immersion of Ganesha in Sangamner would not take place on Anant Chaturdashi. However, the situation quickly changed and on the orders of Minister Girish Mahajan, water was released from the Nilwande dam around midnight on Saturday. Many had no idea the water had been released until Sunday morning. After making sure that the water was finally drained, everyone ran away. Meanwhile, the municipality, which was assured that no water would be released, dug huge pits in the JCB Laun river basin on Saturday night to allow immersion of at least domestic Ganpatis. The expenditure of lakhs of rupees of the municipality was carried away in the flood waters.
The water, released at midnight on Saturday, reached the city limits at 4pm on Sunday. Tired of waiting till then, the small circles and the householders immersed themselves in the pool of the Ganaraya. Meanwhile, MLA Balasaheb Thorat, Mayor Durgatai Tambe started the immersion procession by worshiping Mana Ganapati in the morning. After that, one by one, all the Ganapatis entered the path of immersion. The police were on high alert. For the first time this year, Sangamnerkar got rid of the DJ’s hoarse voice. Gulal was not used either. After ten o’clock in the night, the procession ended by making its way to each Ganpati river basin.

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