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Policy Commission advises state government; Appreciation for corona control

MUMBAI: In addition to simplifying the ease of doing business, the senior officials of the policy commission on Tuesday advised the state government to simplify the licensing system in industries and improve the agriculture and irrigation sectors. It was also suggested to make the environment more conducive for foreign investment.

Deputy Chairman of the Policy Commission Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Chief Executive Officer Amitabh Kant and other senior officials discussed the development of the state with Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and other senior ministers. Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, Revenue Minister Balasaheb Thorat along with various ministers and senior officials of the state government were present on the occasion.

The Policy Commission emphasized on making business facilitation more flexible. Although the environment in Maharashtra is conducive to business and industry, the state government does not seem to be making any effort to bring flexibility in the sector, the commission said. For ease of doing business, the list of states is released by the Center and Maharashtra has never been in the top five

It was pointed out that it is not on the numbers. The environment in Maharashtra is conducive for industry, but the commission also pointed out that the licensing system is an obstacle. One page application is sufficient for a license. Unfortunately, the commission drew the attention of the state’s top officials to the fact that the licensing system is still not in place in Maharashtra. For many years, Maharashtra was the number one state in the country in terms of foreign investment. The state also advised to seriously consider why it went first. The need to pay more attention to micro, small and medium enterprises was expressed.

Appreciation of the state

The commission lauded the efforts of the state government for corona control as well as the electric vehicle policy. The commission also testified that the state’s pending prasadbra was cleared. Issues like refund of goods and services tax, Pradhan Mantri Pik Bima Yojana, Kanjurmarg Metro car shed, acquisition of railway land for Dharavi redevelopment, Dighi port development, land related to defense department etc. were presented by the state government. Praising Maharashtra for its good performance in preventing corona infection, Dr. Performed by Rajiv Kumar. On this, the Chief Minister said that Maharashtra is number one in the country in increasing the health facilities during this entire period.

Appreciation for electric vehicle policy

At the meeting, Chief Executive Officer Amitabh Kant lauded Maharashtra for its vision for the future and said that it has come up with an electric vehicle policy and has taken good steps. On this occasion, Environment Minister Aditya Thackeray outlined the salient features of the policy and hoped that the Center would give more impetus in this regard.

Three thousand crore for Dighi port area

The State Government should pay attention to the development of Dighi Port Industrial Area as well as the development of Shendra-Bidkin Industrial Estate near Aurangabad. The Dighi port area will be developed by DMIC and a special purpose vehicle (SPV) will be set up immediately to build a beautiful and well-equipped city here. The Center will immediately provide Rs 3,000 crore for this, said Amitabh Kant.

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