In Bangladesh, school starts after 543 days

Dhaka: Schools were reopened in Bangladesh on Sunday and thousands of students have returned to school. Schools were closed for 543 days due to Corona. But now that Corona’s condition has improved, schools have reopened and vaccinations have been stepped up.

News channels showed students in their uniforms attending school. There was a smile on the children’s faces. Even though they were wearing masks, the happiness on their faces was not hidden. Many children had come to school a long time ago and were so attracted to school. In many schools, teachers welcomed the children with flowers and chocolates. Parents were not allowed on the school premises. This measure was taken to prevent the spread of corona. Education Minister Dipu Moni said security measures should not be neglected. Classes for each class will be held once a week at the beginning and health rules will be followed. If the infection appears to increase again, online classes will be resumed.

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