In Bihar, Rs 52 crore was mistakenly credited to farmers’ accounts; Said, “A little money.”

What if crores of rupees are suddenly deposited in your bank account in one day? This has happened to a farmer in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district. Farmer Ram Bahadur Shah’s pension account has been mistakenly credited with Rs 52 crore. Meanwhile, the farmer has since made an appeal to the government. The old farmer has demanded that I be allowed to keep some of the Rs 52 crore deposited in his account for myself. It is understood that he made this demand to the government so that he would not have to face financial stress for at least the rest of his life.

“Give us some of this money. So that we can spend the rest of our lives in peace, ”Ram Bahadur Shah appealed to the government, India Today reported. An elderly farmer living in a village under Katihar police station contacted the nearest Customer Service Center (CSP) to inquire about the status of his pension account, when he came to know that crores of rupees had been deposited in his pension account by mistake.

We were shocked!

Reacting to this, Ram Bahadur Shah said, “We were shocked to hear this and also wondered where this huge amount came from. We have spent our entire lives in agriculture. So, I just appeal to the government to give us some of this money. So that the rest of our lives will be smooth.

The government should help us!

Ram Bahadur Shah’s son Sujit Kumar Gupta said, “More than Rs 52 crore has been deposited in my father’s account.” However, “we are a bit worried about the money. We are farmers and we come from a poor family so we want the government to help us, ”said Sujit Kumar Gupta. Meanwhile, Katra police sub-inspector Manoj Pander said, “Currently, we have informed the local authorities about the matter. The police will investigate the matter. They will interrogate the bank official who has Ram Bahadur Shah’s account. ”

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