In Dombivali, Kalyan, even though it started raining, the gutters were full of mud; Water from gutters on the road | Dombivali Kalyan started raining mud Water road vehicle jam ysh 95

Kalyan- The sewer cleaning works in 10 wards of Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation were not completed properly and on time by the workers of the labor unions. Even though it is raining a little now, the roads in some parts of Dombivali, Kalyan are going under water and the residents are being hit. In many places, the mud in the gutters has not been removed for years and they have been filled with soil and plastic bags. As water does not flow through this area, sewage enters the road.

Sewer cleaning in the wards is done by politically blessed labor unions. Most of the labor unions work year after year in the corporation with the blessings of some corporators. It has been a tradition in the municipality for many years to deduct the payment for the work done by doing a little bit of sewer cleaning.

Due to improper cleaning of gutters, in many places gutters are blocked with mud, mud and plastic bags. The flow of water is blocked there. That water falls on the road. The gutters at Trimurtinagar slum, Shelar Naka Chowk, east of Dombivali have not been cleaned by labor unions for years. Sludge, plastic, rubbish get stuck in the gutter and a hard wall is formed in the gutter. There the water flow gets stuck. Even if it rains a little, the water comes back and collects in the ditch at Shelar Chowk on the road. Drivers find it difficult to navigate through stagnant water. There were congestion in this area. Shirish Kumar Nakve, an engineer of the drainage department, and Sanjay Jadhav, an assistant commissioner, have been trying for two days to remove the solid waste wall from the sewers. Since this work is not being done due to the efforts of the workers, efforts are being made to clear the flow of water in the gutters by ordering an air pressure plant.

Alternative arrangement on Patkar Road

The road was blocked near Dombivli East railway station. There is a gutter under this road. There are different types of service ducts in the gutter. Pedestrians, traders and motorists will suffer if work starts on this busy road in the rains. With this in mind, Ghanshyam Nawangul, Executive Engineer, Drainage Department, Vijay Patil, Executive Engineer, and Shirish Kumar Nakve, Assistant Engineer, have laid a duct in this gutter to carry temporary sewage. An iron grate is placed over the gutter to carry water. Officials said there were complications under the road as no work had been done in the area for 35 years.

Water in Kalyan

Due to poor drainage system near Prashant Hotel on Birla Mahavidyalaya Road, water accumulates on the roads and in the local societies. There are complaints from residents that the situation arises because the assistant commissioner, health inspector, is not in control of the sewer cleaning work.

Drains, sewer cleaning continue

2940 meters long gutters have been cleaned in B ward, 2300 meters gutters in C ward, 935 meters in J ward, 2280 meters in D ward, 760 meters in H ward and 1380 meters in E ward, informed the public relations department of the municipality.

Alternative arrangements have been made on the gutter road in the area near the Dombivli East railway station. After the monsoon, the work of nallas and roads in this area will be planned and strengthened.

– Shirish Kumar Nakve Assistant Engineer

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