In Kashmir, security guards shot dead a policeman as he entered a temple.

In Kashmir, a policeman was accidentally shot dead by security guards. Police said the security guards fired shots as they were misunderstood to be anti-national elements. The policeman was trying to force his way into the ground at night. The police officer’s name is Ajay Dhar. He lived at Handawara. Police said it was an unfortunate incident.

According to a senior police official, Ajay Dhar was shot in the air when he started knocking on the temple door at night. “Even after being shot in the air, Ajay Dhar was knocking on the door without revealing his identity. The security guards felt the attack was due to a mistake in identification and that is why the incident took place, ”said Inspector General of Police Vijay Kumar.

Many temples in Kashmir are under police guard. The incident is another example of security chaos in Kashmir. Earlier, civilians were mistakenly killed at night by several security personnel.


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