In Russia, the ruling party is moving towards a majority

Putin’s grip on power is tight

Russia’s ruling party is leading the way in parliamentary elections, tightening President Vladimir Putin’s grip on power. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the by-elections in the run-up to the by-elections. Apart from this, many irregularities in this election also strengthened the ruling party’s side.

This parliamentary election was a colorful rehearsal for the 2024 presidential election. So the whole world’s attention was on this fight. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. There is uncertainty as to whether they choose their successor or not. He has taken care that there will be a Parliament (Duma) that will obey him no matter what his decision is. A total of 95 per cent of the votes were counted at the Center, with the ruling United Russia party receiving 49.64 per cent of the vote. The Central Election Commission (CEC) has said that the polls were held for 225 seats in Parliament.

Another 225 MPs are directly elected by the voters. According to the results released on Monday morning, the United Russia party is leading with 199 seats.

United Russia senior official Andrei Turchak said his party would win at least 315 of the 450 seats up for grabs. Therefore, the goal of getting a two-thirds majority in Parliament will be achieved. There was no reason to be anxious about the outcome of the election, as the Duma had warned that there should be no opposition in the Russian parliament. There are three other parties, but they are not opponents because they are leaning towards the ruling party.


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