In the face of Ganeshotsav, the markets are less crowded


Less number of customers this year than every year, sales their hilarious; Less customers due to restrictions on local travel

Mumbai: In the markets of Mumbai, which are buzzing on the eve of Ganeshotsav, the number of consumers is almost negligible this year. The general public, who have not taken two doses, are still not allowed to travel locally. According to traders, 60 to 70 per cent loss was incurred this year due to non-return of customers from all over Mumbai to major markets like Dadar and Lalbagh.

As Ganeshotsav approaches, the majority of Mumbaikars flock to the markets in Dadar and Lalbagh to buy various items. These markets are of special importance as decorative flowers, decorative items, worship materials, makhras, Ganapati ornaments, clothes, food are available in one place for Ganeshotsav. With eight days left to the festival, these markets are bustling. But this year, due to the lack of a customer king, the enthusiasm in the market has waned and buying has started with little response.

‘Every year on this day, there is a crowd of customers in front of the shop. An extra four people have to be called in for help on Saturdays and Sundays due to the huge crowd of customers. There was a crowd last Sunday, but not the usual response. At present, only two or four customers come in the evening, that’s all the income, ‘said Lakshmi Nagvekar, who sells decorative items.

The same is true of vendors selling worship materials. At present, camphor is being sold at Rs 1,200 per kg. Therefore, consumers are reluctant to buy camphor. ‘Since Dadar market is close to the railway station, most of the customers who come here are from Mumbai. Due to the ban on local travel for those who have not taken two doses and the crisis of Corona has not been completely averted, the long-distance consumer has not returned to these markets this year. About 60 per cent of the customers have not come, ‘said Agarbatti trader Govinda Vaishya. The situation is similar in Lalbaug market.

Copper and brass became more expensive

‘Copper and brass prices have doubled compared to last year. The price of brass has gone up from Rs 600 to Rs 700 per kg to Rs 1,200 to Rs 1,400 per kg. As a result, customer response has been extremely low. In the past, brass Aarti pots were bought regularly. But this year, consumers are turning to other options after hearing of brass prices. Due to the decline in the purchasing power of consumers, the financial crisis is raging in the market, ‘said P. from Dadar. K. Parmar Metal representatives said.

Sankrant on Laddu, Chivadya too

Lalbagh’s Laxminarayan Chiwda and Kadak Bundi’s Laddu are the specialties of Lalbagh market. During Ganeshotsav, these items are given for hospitality in many houses in Mumbai. But this year too, the market is buzzing. ‘Demand has increased compared to last year, but this demand is not a for-profit business. Ervi used to sell five tons of Chiwda and the same amount of Laddu. The response this year has been meager and it is doubtful whether a ton of goods will be sold. Shankar Kale of ‘Vijay Lakshmi Chiwda’ shop said that the customers coming from outside did not turn up this year due to restrictions.

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