In the second admission round, 60,000 college students of eleven


Mumbai: The second admission list of the 11th Central Admission Process was announced on Saturday and in the second round, 60,037 students got college as per their preference. However, even after the second round, more than 73,000 students are waiting for the central entrance round.

1 lakh 39 thousand 794 seats were available for the second round of central admission. Out of 1 lakh 33 thousand 723 applications received for this, 60 thousand 37 students were given college. Out of which 13 thousand 282 students have got first choice junior college, while 11 thousand 75 students have got second and 8 thousand 398 students have got third choice junior college. Admission is compulsory for students who get first choice college. Students who have got the following preferred colleges from the second preference order have to confirm the admission as per the respective schedule through online process.

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