Income tax department inspects six places related to Sonu Sood

Income tax officials have reached Bollywood actor Sonu Sood’s Mumbai office. Officials are inspecting Sonu Sood’s office. NDTV has reported in this regard. Sonu Sood was recently selected as the brand ambassador for the Delhi government’s campaign for school children and the action was taken by the Income Tax Department a few days later.

Sonu Sood was asked about the meeting with a view to entering politics. This time he had said that he would not enter politics. After the meeting of Aam Aadmi Party leaders, there was talk that Sonu Sood would enter politics.

Sonu Sood, 48, came into the limelight due to the lockdown. Sonu Sood helped many foreigners stranded in the lockdown to reach their homes. Not only that, he also arranged for many to live and work with meals. While Sonu Sood was lauded on social media for her social work during the lockdown, she was also given a political slant. This also colored the discussion in his politics. But Sonu Sood has always said that these discussions are rumors.

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