Increase in bribery cases in the state during the Corona period

Officers- Extortion of citizens even while the monthly salaries of the employees are on

Mumbai: When the second wave of the Coronation period was raging in the state, it has come to light that bribery of government officials has also increased. More bribery cases have been reported this year than last. With nearly four months to go before the end of this year, the number of such cases is almost the same as last year.

Corona has lost many jobs or lost pay. For government officials, however, this period was conducive to raising money from the people. Government officials-employees were getting regular salary every month. However, with the exception of April last year, bribery cases continued to be high.

Only seven crimes were reported in April last year. However, in April this year, while the second wave of Corona was raging in the state, 49 incidents of bribery were reported by government officials.

By the end of 2019, 866 cases of bribery had been registered in the state before the onset of the Corona crisis. At the end of December 2020, 630 such incidents were reported during the Corona period. This year, till September 8, 2021, 532 cases of solicitation of bribe have been registered.

Increase according to attendance

This year too, bribery cases will be reported by the end of the year, a senior official in the state’s anti-bribery department said. Corona led to an increase in corruption among government officials even when government offices were open in low attendance. Now with 100 per cent attendance, the number will increase, the official said!

As on September 8 this year, the highest number of bribery cases was reported in Pune (112). It is followed by Aurangabad (99), Nashik (91), Thane (58), Nagpur (47) and Nanded (43). Mumbai recorded the lowest number of bribery cases at 38 during this period.

No action is taken even by holding hands

The number of officers and employees who were not suspended despite being caught taking bribe is 204, including Rural Development (49), Education and Sports (44), Revenue, Registration, Land Records (20), Police, Prisons and Home Guard (17), Co-operation. And marketing (15), urban development (13), industry, energy and labor (12), health (10).

  • There are 29 officers and employees who have not been punished for accepting bribes.
  • The government has 13 cases pending against the government for freezing the assets of corrupt officials.

Revenue, police most corrupt

The Department of Revenue, Land Records and Registration has also won in bribery cases. There are 133 bribery cases related to this department. It is followed by the number of police in the state (108 crimes). This is followed by State Electricity Board, Municipal Corporation, Zilla Parishad, Panchayat Samiti, Education Department, Co-operation and Marketing. All of these departments were functioning during the Corona period as essential services.

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