Independent bus lane at Parbandar project

Feasibility study started from MMRDA

MUMBAI: A metro line has been proposed at the Mumbai Port Port (Shivdi-Navasheva Sea Bridge) and now a separate bus line will be added to the sea line. The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has decided to set up a separate bus lane on the Parbandar project and has started a feasibility study for a metro route and a separate bus lane.

The Shivdi-Navasheva sea bridge project has been undertaken to cover the distance from Mumbai to Navi Mumbai in just 25 minutes. Work on the Rs 17,843 crore and 22 km long sea bridge started in March 2018. The work was expected to be completed in 54 months, i.e. by September 2022. However, the project, which was stalled due to various reasons, is now expected to be completed in 2023. The project will now have a metro line and a separate bus line. MMRDA has already proposed Metro route from Navi Mumbai Airport to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in the Mumbai Port project. MMRDA is currently studying the feasibility of this metro line. After the study, a final decision will be taken and the metro line will be constructed. V. R. Given by Srinivas.

Benefit the common man

The metro route will run from Sagari Setu and it has been decided to provide a separate bus route on one side. Srinivas also said that a feasibility study has been started for this. It is proposed to build a separate bus lane on one side of the six-lane sea bridge and no other vehicles will have access to this lane. If the separate bus lanes actually happen, buses will run four to five minutes apart on the entire route. If Metro and BEST, other bus services are operational on the sea bridge in future, this route will also benefit the common man.

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