India does not need augmentation at present; Expert opinion

Experts say that even in India, there is no need for an increasing dose of corona vaccine at present. Immunity expert Satyajit Rath says that so far only 15 per cent of people in India have received both doses of the vaccine. This means that very few people who are at risk of infection have received both doses of the vaccine. So, from a moral point of view, it would not be appropriate to give people a boost right now. It would not be appropriate to give such augmentation dose without knowing how many more people are at risk of infection. Some people have co-morbidities and are at risk of coronary heart disease, but after taking two doses, they will not be at risk.

Although the third dose has not been announced in India, some political leaders and health workers in Mumbai have taken the third boost.

Balram Bhargava, director general of the Medical Research Council of India, said that increasing doses is not a current issue, but it is important to give people two doses first.

At present, India should not consider increasing the dose, as 40 per cent of those eligible for the vaccine have not yet received the first dose. A third level decision should be made about the people who have some side effects. Although the increase is not only beneficial in protecting against some forms of the virus, the use of the enhancer is limited. So there is no guarantee that immunity will increase. -Vinita Bal, Immunity Specialist

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