Insects, insects, particleless!

“If the central government abuses the system, then we will do the same,” he said.

Should it be said that even the state Home Minister or the Chief of Police did not know that we should not fall into the trap of taking action which is completely futile?

The time of wise counselors and adherents of one should not kill the calf because the other killed the cow. Now is the time for those who believe that one should kill a cow and the other should kill his cow with a calf. So the big question is from whom to expect conscience and at least wisdom. Although he falls regularly, his latest excuse is the stubbornness of the action taken by the ‘strong’ government of the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress alliance against the BJP leader. The name of this leader is Kirit Somaiya. But it doesn’t matter. This is because of a recent trend in politics. It can be described as ‘do and run’ (hit and run). Just as an irresponsible driver stumbles on a highway, so does Somaiya’s politics. The only difference is that in such a ‘hit and run’ type of highway, the victims are innocent. Those against whom Somaiya conducts such an experiment are his peers and they too are not interested in clearing the charges against him so Somaiya does not have to flee. In fact, Somaiya has not gained enough political weight in the editorial. But still they have to be noticed because of the action taken by the state government against them. The question is who is more recent, Kirit Somaiya or the state government. This action was taken by the police. His control is with Home Minister Dilip Walse Patil. But whatever happened, let alone the police, but not even Walse Patil’s tradition. What’s more, it is also inconsistent with Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s style of drinking cold milk. So this case becomes more serious and noteworthy.

There are numerical symbols on the dice in games like Sapshidi. There should be letters on the Saripata flags played by Somaiya and other congregations. Today’s allegation against the person with the same name in front of the letter should be Somaiya’s game. Similarly, Somaiya made some allegations against a politically equivalent leader in Kolhapur. The names of these leaders are Hasan Mushrif. There is nothing significant in his political career. These households get ministerial posts after deducting the sum of issues like province, religion etc. So the allegation made by a politically adolescent leader against the same peer is not really a TRP issue. But it erupted only and only because of the entire unnecessary action of the state government. The original action may or may not be heartwarming. However, the government took action after noticing that the incident was based on news. So then the running description of Somaiya’s journey.

There was no reason to stop Somaiya on both issues of real political wisdom and legitimacy. Kolhapur district is not the private estate of some Mushrifs where they need permission to enter. But the police in that district acted as if they were a private security force. The same goes for Mumbai. Had it not been for the remarkable crowd of police, the party would have known that there is no one to bid farewell to Somaiya, who has embarked on such a historic feat. But the police and therefore the media crowd attacked. Many so-called agitations in our country, their lives are so weak that they will not even know if they are ignored by the media. Somaiya’s alleged movement was of this type. So, if the state government had given him an open door in Kolhapur, his party would have known that this gentleman had gone there. Therefore, a multiplier would be added to the eligibility to get a candidature in the next election. But the police did not show this tact. No wonder. But why Walse Patil, who was handling them, did not come up with this wisdom.

Although what has happened has exposed childishness in politics, the actions of the state government raise some serious questions. By what law did the police prevent Somaiya from going to Kolhapur? If they go there, there is a danger of law and order deteriorating, but what action did the police take against the locals who caused thirty obstructions? It is said that an attempt was made to stop Somaiya in Mumbai. By what law? Well, it wasn’t like he was going to take a big crowd. That is, there was no danger of them violating the curfew order. What does it mean to stop them anyway? His program was to go to Kolhapur and lodge a complaint with the concerned authorities. Somaiya has done dozens of such programs so far. There is no need to say anything new about what happened next. No one takes them seriously even in their favor. Therefore, their complaints are registered in the government system. Nothing different would have happened now. Why is there so much violence against them?

The reason for asking these questions is that Somaiya’s allegations are not factual or that those on whom they are made are not as clean as washed rice. But in this case, the question arises about the police system. In fact, the police chief should not know that we should not fall into the trap of action which is completely useless? And even if they know, shouldn’t they have the courage to tell their superiors? In fact, the state’s Director General of Police or the Mumbai Police Commissioner should have taken a firm stand in this matter. Shouldn’t the state police leadership have the stubbornness to say ‘don’t wash your political dishes with the help of uniformed police’? Government employees and senior officials do not have such a vision. So they obey whatever they want. Should the police be as polite as these plain-clothed employees? An even wider issue arises from time to time.

If the police is being misused by the Army-NCP-Congress government for political reasons, then with what mouth will this congregation weep against such alleged misuse of the CBI, ED and other agencies? There has always been criticism at the local level that the BJP government at the Center is misusing various mechanisms to woo its political opponents. It is not a question of whether it is true or false. But will the state government do the same? If the state police is going to crack down on petty anti-corruption activists, then how can it be inappropriate if the central government is doing the same against the alleged corrupt leaders? Does that mean we will do the same because the central government is abusing the system?

If so, the situation is serious! It shows how clumsy our politics has become and how clumsy the system of government is. It is even more unfortunate that our particle officers do not want to prevent the misuse of this system. On such occasions, if the citizens with some prudent balance do not show their commitment and increase the rate of administrative reforms, the situation is likely to become more serious.


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