Invitation to Corona from the immersion procession

Drum-beating in many places despite restrictions

MUMBAI: A five-day Ganesha immersion procession was taken out on Tuesday in defiance of the rules issued by the state government and the municipal corporation to curb the spread of corona. The procession, which was accompanied by benzo and drum beats, showed a lack of awareness of distance rules and the use of masks in many places. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

As the incidence of corona infection is on the rise again, government agencies are constantly appealing to the citizens to abide by the corona prevention rules. On the occasion of Ganeshotsav, the Municipal Corporation had announced special rules to prevent the spread of infection. According to the procession, Vajantri was banned. Moreover, if there is a domestic Ganpati, five and if there is a public Ganpati, only ten people are allowed to go to the place of immersion. All these rules were broken by Ganesh devotees on Tuesday.

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