Iodine swallowing is not a cure for corona!

News Agency, East Anglia, UK

A report has surfaced on social media saying that iodine ingestion destroys the corona virus and that this is not true. Iodine does not kill the corona virus, scientists say.

Initially, there were similar rumors about bleach powder after hydroxychloroquine. Evermectin was also hotly debated on social media. It was also reported on social media that the coronavirus was ineffective due to the deworming of animals. Some people claim that iodine ingestion prevents corona virus infection or inactivates the virus. Therefore, instead of vaccine, iodine should be swallowed with water, it was added. Iodine does not actually prevent this virus. Iodine is an antiseptic and has been used for over two centuries. Providon-iodine is also being used to prevent wound healing.

According to social studies, coronavirus is inactivated in 15 seconds by ingestion of iodine. Social media also says that if providon iodine is put in the nose and mouth, the virus is not transmitted from one person to another and the disease is avoided. In fact such tests of iodine have not been done on a large scale. Moreover, there is no evidence that it stops coronary heart disease.


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