Iran slaps Taliban for forming government in Afghanistan, says neighbors

Iran, which is seen as a country that has sided with the Taliban government in Afghanistan, has dealt a major blow to the Taliban. Iran does not appear to be satisfied with the interim government established by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Iran on Monday said in a statement that the current government in the neighboring country does not represent the people of the country. While there has already been talk of Iran not recognizing the Taliban government, the statement now shows signs of escalating tensions between the two neighbors.

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Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Said Khalibajedah explained the country’s role. It is clear that the government in Afghanistan is not a comprehensive government. The Taliban was expected to provide a comprehensive government in Iran and internationally. But the Taliban did not. He made the remarks while addressing a news conference in Tehran. It remains to be seen how the Taliban will respond to international demands, Saeed said.

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He became a minister in the Taliban government

The Taliban announced an interim government last week. This government will be led by Mulla Hasan. Mulla Baradar will be the Deputy Chief in this government. Sirajuddin Haqqani is the interior minister and Mulla Yakub has been appointed interim defense minister. Abbas Stanikzai has been named interim foreign minister in the new Afghan government. The international community has demanded that everyone be represented in the Taliban government, but there are no signs of that. After all, many of the ministers in this government are on the wanted list of the United States and the United Nations. Sirajuddin Haqqani, who has been given the post of security minister, is the most wanted terrorist. He is the head of the Haqqani Network and has close ties to Al Qaeda. Sirajuddin Haqqani is on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. The Taliban had said that everyone would be included in the government, but only men were given a place in the government.

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900 km border and 35 lakh displaced

Iran and Afghanistan share a 900 km border. There are 3.5 million displaced Afghans in Iran. Iran fears large numbers of people from Afghanistan will enter Iran once the Taliban comes to power. During the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001, Iran and the Taliban had differences on a number of issues. Iran has not yet approved the Taliban government. Tehran is expected to hold some meetings with the Taliban in the next few months.

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