IRB employees were chased out of Top village


On Wednesday, Yuvasena activists chased away IRB employees from the village of Top, who were levying tolls under the internal road project. There were about 100 employees living in one building in this village. He warned the landlord that if 50 of them were fired immediately, the rest would not be allowed to stay.
Toll collectors live in suburban villages. About 100 employees were living in Bapu Patil’s house in the village of Top (Tal. Hatkanangle) near the National Highway. The agitation against the toll is going on through the district-wide action committee. Recently, Shiv Sena has started showing its independence in the movement. Yuvasena activists from Wadgaon came to know that IRB employees were staying in Top village. The citizens had also lodged complaints with these Shiv Sainiks about foreign workers with criminal tendencies.
Based on this information, District President of Yuvasena Hershal Surve, Chetan Khade, Sagar Patil, Anil Chavan, Ankush Mane, Chetan Ashtekar, Yogesh Shinde, Aniket Jadhav, Sainath Shinde, Ashish Dhale, Amor Surve and other activists went to the place where the employees were staying. He questioned the landlord Bapu Patil during the agitation against tolls in the district, how you gave accommodation to the toll collectors, why they kept the employees without any identity, how their character is recorded. Patil apologized and told Shiv Sainiks that this would not happen again. The Shiv Sainiks then marched towards the employees living there and chased them out of the house with their belongings.

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