IT department’s ‘survey’ campaign on Newslandry, NewsClick news sites; Inquiries made in the office all day!

A few days ago, the Income Tax Department raided the Bhaskar Group’s offices across the country. The Income-tax department was also heavily criticized. Opponents had also criticized the ruling party for using the income tax department. Since then, the IT department has once again visited the offices of two news groups and conducted inquiries throughout the day. The IT department has conducted inquiries in the Delhi offices of two news websites, Newslandry and Newsclick. In particular, the process is called a ‘survey’ rather than a raid or a raid. The Income Tax Department told The Indian Express that the inquiry was conducted into the alleged tax evasion case.

newslaundry newsclick Survey of Income Tax Department in the offices of Newslandry, Newsclick

What exactly is a ‘survey’?

The Income-tax department has the power to search, search or seize property at the home, office, shop or factory of the person concerned to investigate any case of tax evasion or tax evasion. Section 133A of the Income Tax Act provides for a survey. These ‘surveys’ can only be taken at commercial locations. Surveys can only be started during office hours, while searches or impressions can be done at any time of the day. During this survey, the Income Tax Department officials examine the documents related to the account book, bank account details, account statement, cash, shares etc.

Earlier on June 30, Income Tax officials had visited the offices of the two websites. A notice was issued to these offices at that time. After that, the Income Tax Department visited the office in Sarvodaya Enclave area of ​​Delhi today for the survey. The investigation started around 11.30 am and continued till evening. Madhu Trehan and Abhinandan Sekhari are the CEOs of Newslandry.

On the other hand, seven to eight officials of the Income Tax Department reached the office of Newsclick in Saiduljab area around this morning. Newsclick editor-in-chief Prabir Purkayastha has also been summoned for questioning.

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