“It’s annoying”; Capt. Amarinder Singh’s letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi before his resignation

There is a lot of turmoil in Punjab politics right now. Capt Amarinder Singh resigned from the post of Punjab Chief Minister on the grounds that he felt humiliated by the party leaders for doubting his efficiency. After that, while interacting with the media, he called Congress president Sonia Gandhi and claimed that he had apologized to her. It has now come to light that Singh had written a letter to Gandhi before resigning.

In a letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi yesterday, just hours before resigning as Punjab chief minister, Amarinder Singh expressed his sadness over the political developments in the last five months. In the letter, Singh said that he was resigning due to Navjot Singh Sidhu’s bitter attack. At the same time, Singh emphasized that the political situation in the state was not based on the problems of Punjab and the needs of the state.

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Amarinder Singh defended his administration and tracked down the allegations of his rivals, including police action, disputes over electricity tariffs, farmers ’agitation and the Corona epidemic situation.

He reminded Mrs. Gandhi, “The people of Punjab are looking at the mature and effective public policies of the Indian National Congress, which focus not only on good politics but also on solving the problems of the common man.

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