I’ve taken decision; Let them onions string or something else, says sharad pawar bmh 90. I have decided; Let them wear a garland of onions, otherwise they will be clumsy …: Sharad Pawar

Pawar criticizes government at Akola rally

NCP President Sharad Pawar left Tikastra on the policies of the Central and State Governments. “When I was the agriculture minister, the price of onion was increased to benefit the farmers. At that time, a BJP MP was wearing an onion necklace. At that time, I told the Speaker of the Lok Sabha that agriculture should get a fair price. So we decided. Let the opposition wear onion garlands, otherwise it will be a nightmare, ”said Pawar, criticizing the government’s policies.

Sharad Pawar held a campaign rally in Akola. Speaking on the occasion, Pawar lashed out at the policies of the Modi and Fadnavis governments, stating the decisions taken during the Agadhi government. Sharad Pawar said, “The state government has decided to give loan waiver to farmers. I said Maja is supportive, but the debt waiver circuit should be given. What happened next? Farmers did not get the benefit of loan waiver. Farmer suicides do not happen spontaneously. Farmers are facing many difficulties from how to run the world. So suicides are happening. Therefore, show space to the anti-farmers, ”appealed Pawar.

Criticizing the Centre’s ban on onion exports, Sharad Pawar said, “When I was the Agriculture Minister, farmers’ onions got better prices, so the alliance government increased the rates. Against this, a BJP MP came with a necklace of onions around his neck. The attention of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha went to him. When he asked the reason, the BJP MP said that due to Sharad Pawar, inflation will increase. On this I told the Speaker of the Lok Sabha that the goods of the farmers should get a good price. A farmer serving a black mother faces many difficulties. It never rains. At the same time, we have to face natural disasters. So we have made this decision. Let them wear onion garlands, otherwise they need to play the role of Kavadya, ”said Pawar.

Speaking further, Pawar said, “If the state wants to do justice, then industries should be developed along with agriculture. But the government’s decisions are shocking. One day, the Prime Minister of the country suddenly announced, ‘From today, there will be paper of five hundred and thousand rupee notes.’ What a man. The common man thought. The big bang would come out, but when the common man was shocked, they knew. Then the next day Avagha Desh was standing in line. Hundreds died. Jet Airways closed. Many employees became unemployed. How to make a decision. Farmers in crisis, industry in crisis, youth in crisis, ”Pawar asked.

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