James Leoven

Strong groups who do not fit the glass of the duo in the society, or in fact benefit from it, are not ready to listen to the duo’s treatment with an open mind. Then, even though some people have done such treatment, the same groups come forward shamelessly to accuse the people who are doing the treatment. A similar allegation was leveled against James Leoven, who said, “The distinction between black and white has disappeared in the United States, and the distinction is still valid.” But the news of Leoven’s death on August 19 became known in the United States by the end of August.

“Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong” is the title of his most acclaimed book. The book was published in 1995, when Leoven was 53 years old. But apartheid is already his subject of study. In 1974, at the age of 32, he wrote the book ‘Mississippi – Conflict and Change’, which was recognized as a textbook. Leoven, who has a long teaching experience, was intrigued by the interrelationships between sociology and history. He was ready to draw conclusions about the social consequences of teaching history. However, after the publication of the 1995 book exposing the falsity of history-teaching, there was a mixed reaction. The book became popular, providing an ideological basis for anti-apartheid movements or activists, but was ignored by universities or simply rejected by the University of Mississippi. So Leoven continued to write without getting exhausted. From this, in 1995, the book ‘Teaching What Really Happened’ was proved. Both books were written on the basis of documents obtained by the Smithsonian Institution. It is obvious that apartheid is rampant in the southern states of the United States. Leoven made it clear that African Americans there were willing to fight the election legally and change the law, but on the one hand, organizations like the Ku Klux Klan were carrying out cowardly attacks, and on the other hand, even the Democratic Party vehemently rejected candidates.

Leoven’s next study was about Chinese or other ethnic groups and the treatment they still receive today. His book ‘Sundown Towns’ – revealing the undeclared ban on Gauretars from coming to the city at night – was a book of the past, but the response was ‘the situation is not very different today’! Then, if we study where their tendencies are based on the internet, then more than a thousand ‘Sundown Towns’ came to the fore after 2010! The excellent board of researchers, erected by Leoven, will carry on his work.


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