‘Jan Mohammad Sheikh to Bahrain for assassination’

Information from senior sources; Case of arrest of suspected terrorists

Mumbai: Of the six people arrested by the Delhi Police, Sameer Kalia alias Jan Mohammad Sheikh from Mumbai had gone to Bahrain in 2019 to kill a man. But for some reason he had to return without killing, ‘said a senior source. Meanwhile, the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) and a Crime Branch squad have been dispatched to Delhi. The team has gone there to get more information about the accused.

Sameer Kalia alias Jan Mohammad Sheikh, a resident of Dharavi in ​​Mumbai, has a 20-year-old connection with the Dawood gang. He was also on the radar of Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad.

Delhi Police have arrested six people. One of them is Jan Mohammad Ali Mohammad Sheikh from Dharavi. He had been active in crime for almost twenty years. As soon as he was in the eyes of the ATS. But we did not know about the terrorist plot. She was at the Central Agency. He had passed the information to the Delhi Police, said Vineet Agarwal, head of the anti-terrorism squad.

Jaan Sheikh had planned to leave for Delhi on September 9. He sent money to other colleagues on the 10th. He took out the 13th Golden Temple Express train. He was arrested when he reached Kota during the journey. No weapons or ammunition were found in his possession. The Delhi Police has all the information about this.

Crime Branch team to Delhi

The crime branch is investigating most of the crimes of the Dawood gang. Therefore, a Crime Branch team has left for Delhi on Thursday night. Delhi Police will take information about the accused. Also, the information about the accused and Dawood gang from the crime branch will be given to the Delhi Police. The squad includes a police inspector, an assistant police inspector and staff, sources said. Senior sources said that there are 6 officers and employees of ATS and Crime Branch in it.

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