Jayant Pawar fired as a journalist!


Sandhya Pawar’s condolence at the greeting meeting

Mumbai: You are known as a writer, playwright, critic, storyteller, but we will not forget that he was also a great journalist and editor. Sandhya Nare-Pawar, wife of veteran writer Jayant Pawar, lamented that the journalist among them was forever left behind. He expressed his feelings at Jayant Pawar’s greeting meeting.

‘Everyone here says Jayant had a different look. She was a writer, not an eye, but a journalist. He saw the plight of the exploited, their questions, and raised his voice. He could see the pain of the general public as journalism was different among them. But the journalist among them never got support. He might have been a daring editor, but never let him write anything beyond criticism. I am always sad that a journalist who is a playwright should not have a share in this, said Sandhya to the journalist among Jayant Pawar. ‘He traveled immensely in cancer. He was writing even in such pain. He suffered a lot of wounds but he was strong, he remained strong till the end, ‘she added.

Senior writer Jayant Pawar passed away on August 29. He was associated with many movements beyond literature. A greeting meeting was held on Saturday on behalf of his colleagues. ‘It’s hard to play a role in a play. Jayant also raised many bold issues by pushing the established system. He was easily absorbed in many mediums of writing. He took a firm stand where he felt fit. There was a lot of criticism on his works but he did not waver, ‘said senior painter Shafaat Khan. Mangesh Kadam and Vijay Kenkare also expressed their views.

‘It is shocking to see such a person go through a period of conflict, his writing comes from experience. They were needed in the future. He cracked down on cultural terrorism. Many movements were successful with his initiative, ‘said Prakash Reddy of the Communist Party of India.

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