Jet Airways was ready to fly again after two and a half years, the loss was due to the closure of the airline

Jet Airways planes will soon be seen flying off the runway again. According to the company, Jet Airways flights will start domestic flights from the first financial quarter of 2022. Also, at present, foreign flights will only be short-haul. The airline says it is discussing flight slots and other issues with authorities. The airline said in a statement that the process of obtaining an air operator certificate for the operating flight is also underway.

Murarilal Jalan, a UAE businessman, is a leading member of the London-based Jalan Corlock Consortium and a non-executive member of the proposed Jet Airways. “We are planning more than 50 aircraft in three years, which will reach 100 in five years,” Jalan said. The group also has a long-term business plan. ”

Jalan said, “The aviation industry has a history of reviving an airline that closed its business two years ago. We are ready to take part in this historic flight. ”

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When will the airline start?

The company said that its first flight between Delhi and Mumbai will start between January and March 2022. The consortium is in discussions with the concerned authorities in the country for this. The process includes allotment of slots at the airport, required airport infra and night parking.

Capt. Sudhir Gaur, Executive CEO, Jet Airways, said, “Jet will have its new headquarters in Delhi-Gurugram. Jet has added about 150 employees and will add another 1,000 by the end of this financial year. Our first flight will start from Delhi to Mumbai. ”

Flights were canceled due to financial constraints

Due to financial constraints, the jet had suspended flights from April 19, 2019. The country’s aviation industry is in crisis after the Corona outbreak. During the lockdown, the aircraft remained closed for a long time and then gradually a limited number of flights were resumed. Large-scale restrictions on foreign flights have also affected the operations of airlines.

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