Keep an eye on coronary children for a month

In the second wave, it has been observed that coronavirus infection occurs rapidly in children.

Avoid the risk of post covidar disease

Aurangabad: In the second wave, it has been observed that corona infection is spreading rapidly in children. In the last three days, 94 children have been found infected with corona. 1,337 children in the age group of zero to five and 7,579 children in the age group of five to eighteen are affected by corona. Even after Corona, these children need more care. Therefore, parents should not ignore their children’s illness, appealed the Municipal Health Officer Dr. Nita Padalkar has done it.

The third wave of corona is likely to increase the risk to children, experts said, and the administration has begun preparations to prevent a third wave. Children should be treated immediately by a doctor even if they have a simple fever, cold or cough. Health officials also say that coronary heart disease can be prevented if the child is diagnosed with the disease at a time when the doctor’s advice is needed.


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