Keep an eye on immersion sites, tight security

Mumbai: Against the backdrop of warnings of terrorist attacks in some states of the country, including Delhi and Mumbai, and the threat of corona proliferation, the Mumbai Police has made arrangements for the immersion of Lord Ganesha on Anant Chaturdashi. Operation All Out was carried out in Mumbai on Saturday on the eve of Anant Chaturdashi.

Special arrangements will be made in the city for the immersion on Sunday. One and a half thousand personnel of the Armed Police Force will be deployed along with the police. Additional help was also requested, officials said. 100 officers, 1500 armed police, three companies of State Reserve Police Force, one company of CRPF, 500 house guards, 275 officers will be deployed.

Under Operation Allout, 57 accused were arrested. Besides, 55 accused were arrested on non-bailable warrants. Action was taken against 118 persons for selling and consuming drugs. A total of 31 people carrying illegal weapons have been arrested in the city and knives, swords etc. have been seized. Raids were carried out in 48 places for illegal sale of liquor and gambling. Action was taken against 76 accused. While 41 deportees were arrested, a total of 160 suspects and 133 peddlers were taken into custody.

Combing operations were carried out at 222 places in the city. In it, 1,084 accused were examined. There were 267 accused. Preventive action was taken against them. A total of 136 places were blocked in the city. A total of 9,145 vehicles were inspected and action was taken against 1,615 drivers. Action was also taken against five drunk drivers. 946 hotels, lodges, musafir khanas and 496 important and sensitive places in the city have been inspected. Emergency checks were carried out at 63 immersion sites.

Duration of two hours to the nominated circles

All the big circles including the king of Lalbaug have been asked to complete the immersion ceremony in two hours. Strict security will also be maintained at Girgaon and Juhu Chowpatty. The movements of the suspects will be monitored by drone cameras at several places in the city.

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