Khadajangi due to changes in the bus route


All party members opposed the decision; Review by BEST Committee

Mumbai: Considering the difficulties in bus promotion, BEST has changed the bus route in Mumbai from September 1 to provide satisfactory bus service. There was a big problem for the passengers as 45 routes were blocked and 23 routes were closed. The issues of not giving advance notice to the passengers while changing the bus route and not trusting the BEST committee members were discussed in the meeting of the BEST committee on Monday. In this meeting, all party members strongly opposed this decision of the initiative. The initiative, meanwhile, is being reviewed and feedback is being sought from passengers, the initiative said.

Bus service was being provided on 484 routes in Mumbai. However, due to the changes made from September 1, this number has come down to 419. Passengers were not given any advance notice while making these changes. This caused a big problem for the passengers. At present, only essential service personnel and ordinary passengers with two doses are allowed to travel locally. Due to low vaccination, the number of people who have been vaccinated is low. So many people are still traveling the best. But due to the changes in the bus route, not only the common passengers but also the essential service personnel are facing difficulties. Passengers have to wait for many hours for a bus, change their route to catch a bus on another route or opt for a rickshaw, taxi, and change the route twice. The decision has drawn criticism from passengers.

The same issue was discussed at the BEST committee meeting on Monday. Committee member Sunil Ganacharya without any work suggested the meeting tahku bi. Eventually the administration had to discuss this. Passengers should be notified at least ten to fifteen days in advance when making a change from Best Undertaking. But no such notice was given. Many bus stops were crowded with passengers. Currently, many people rely on BEST because of Corona. He criticized the decision taken by BEST while the crowd was growing. Ganacharya said that till the immersion of Lord Ganesha, he will take information about the growing crowd of passengers, the problems they will face, etc., and this issue will be discussed again in the next meeting of the BEST committee.

The change of route was a decision made for the convenience of the passengers. It focused on how to increase the frequency of BEST. But if passengers are being inconvenienced, feedback is being sought in reality as well as through social media. It is also being reviewed by the authorities.

-Lokesh Chandra, General Manager, Best Enterprises

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