‘Like-minded people should come together under the banner of Congress’

Mumbai: Those who are committed to the basic tenets of the Constitution should unite under the banner of Congress instead of criticizing and fight together for the preservation of democracy and the Constitution, appealed Revenue Minister and senior Congress leader Balasaheb Thorat to NCP President Sharad Pawar.

Pawar had said that the condition of the Congress has become like that of a landlord who has lost his past glory. Balasaheb Thorat clarified to the media that he disagreed with Pawar’s statement. Bad days have come for the values ​​in the Constitution and those who cherish them. Politics that creates divisions in the society-country is going on. Therefore, we need to fight together to maintain democracy and the constitution.

Pawar’s statement will have no effect. He also expressed confidence that the Congress would not be harmed no matter how much the opposition tried to take political advantage of the statement.

We are working with the Opposition on the OBC reservation issue. We will discuss the decision of the Supreme Court. “We will take a decision only after discussing it with everyone,” Thorat said.

This is a year of narcissistic crisis and heavy rains have damaged crops in Marathwada. Punchnama is on. Therefore, help will be decided only after the panchnama arrives.

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