Lokmanas: Overtime Prime Minister and part-time party president

In two other states besides Punjab, the Congress is facing a serious challenge from aspirants for the chief ministership.

‘It’s beautiful!’ Read this front page article (September 21). The manner in which the Chief Minister was removed from Punjab has made the Congress party a laughing stock. In two other states besides Punjab, the Congress is facing a serious challenge from aspirants for the chief ministership. After losing the last Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi resigned as party president, but everyone in the party goes to him for a final decision. Rahul Gandhi does not hold any position in the party, but the party enjoys additional constitutional rights in the organization. The same thing is in BJP. It is often discussed whether the decisions of the BJP were taken by the Sangh Parivar or by the will of a certain Sangh. But the Sangh denies it, calling itself a non-political organization and saying it has nothing to do with the BJP. Similarly, Rahul Gandhi has nothing to do with the Congress presidency, but in the Congress everything happens according to his will. It is an open secret that both parties operate largely at the discretion of their extra-constitutional powers. It has been the culture of the Congress party for decades not to allow any regional leader to become strong. The situation is more or less the same in the BJP now. Because a lot of Congress has gone to BJP and BJP has understood that in order to defeat Congress, it is necessary to adopt the culture of Congress and adopt the people of Congress. The Congress is losing ground and cannot even win a ward election in the name of Nehru-Gandhi legacy. Part-time party presidents have no choice but to work overtime in India’s election politics. If Congress cannot resolve the issue of its national president, then what will the issue of state chief ministers resolve? This embarrassing situation of the Congress is due to the failure of its central leadership. – Snow a. Rahatgaonkar, Dombivali

It is the Congress tradition not to have a bigger leadership than the party!

‘It’s beautiful!’ Read this article. With the appointment of Charanjit Singh Channy as the Chief Minister, it has to be said that the Congress has fulfilled its intention to play the Dalit card in the forthcoming Punjab Assembly elections. Pretending to be a dalit champion and a minority champion in the run-up to elections is nothing new in Indian politics, so it is inevitable. The peasant movement gave Punjab the opportunity to lead that movement. Of course, Amarinder Singh’s role was important. The Congress is sure that this agitation will bring the Congress back to power in Punjab. And for that, it is in the tradition of the Congress not to want a leadership that is bigger than the party. – Aniruddha Ganesh Barve, Kalyan

Channi’s political journey is being ignored.

‘It’s beautiful!’ Read this editorial. Electronic media workers are showing Channy’s selection through Congress through Dalit spectacles. It is reported that the Congress has given a Dalit face to get Dalit votes (32 per cent) in Punjab. In fact, the media is insulting Channy’s political journey by showing that he is only a Dalit. Are questioning their ability. Channy was a minister in the current government. Prior to that, he was also the Leader of the Opposition in the state for a few years. Not only being a Dalit is his identity but his political journey is bigger than that. If today’s Leader of the Opposition in Maharashtra becomes the next Chief Minister or the first elected MLA in Gujarat becomes the Chief Minister, the media will not see his caste. Congratulations to the rest of the Congress on convenient communal politics. – Surekha Mohite-black, tattooed

Popcorn entertainment of ‘Thoko Tali’

‘It’s beautiful!’ Read this editorial. It is not surprising that the Congress has approached Navjyot Singh Sidhu alias ‘Thoko Tali’ in Punjab. There are currently three successors leading the Congress. So, ‘Three or three things will go wrong’. Murabbi senior leaders like Ahmed Patel do not want to advise Sonia. In the present situation, the successor of the Congress should at least be able to see what qualities are in the workers of his party. Senior leaders like Raja Amarinder Singh will be eyeing a Congress leadership that does not have the capacity to get elected in the traditional UP constituency. In the coming elections in Punjab, I wanted to see how Navjyot Singh Sidhu explodes ‘popcorn’ against the BJP. – Srinivasa So. Dongre, Dadar, Mumbai

GST is a system to cripple the states

The interpretation of ‘Samanjasyalach Surung’ (September 21) was read. The 45th GST Council passed without any concrete decision or conclusion. With the finances of GST at the center, no comprehensive decision or settlement has been reached in the last four years. All this will continue to happen, because as long as the power at the Center is not neutral, these councils and their disputes will continue to happen. Unless the government in power abandons the ideology of a particular party, it is unlikely that some pro-people decisions will emerge from these councils. Consumption-based and the highest GST-producing industrial states are Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka, but the most populous states are Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This system is a hammer blow to the overall revenue of the states. The compensation is up to five years and its term has also expired. Well, it doesn’t make sense for states to look at finance ministers with hope. Has the Center implemented a system to indirectly cripple the industrially capable states by taking over the state revenue tax system through GST? – Dattaprasad Shirodkar, Mulund

People’s representatives think only of Swahita

‘Other projects will not be started till Mumbai-Goa highway is completed! The High Court issued the warning (September 21). Did the ministers announcing the Mumbai-Sindhudurg Green Field Expressway not know the current status of the Mumbai-Goa highway? The whole cabinet seals this, no one opposes, it is irrational. Ask those who have recently come to the village for Ganpati what has happened to the road that was repaired in the month of April. I wonder how the people of Raigad, Ratnagiri tolerate this. Political interest may be behind the non-filing of the case against the contractor. If the people’s representatives are deciding to bake their own bread without considering the interests of the people, then the question is whether it is really democracy or dictatorship. – Harshvardhan Jumle, Thane

The ED should also pay attention to the soybean scam

The news item (September 21) reads ‘Soybean prices fall by Rs 2,700’. Such a fall in prices in one day is incomprehensible. Only the arbitrariness of stock traders is responsible for this. As soon as the stock market collapses, government-owned companies rush to the market, but the government does not take any initiative to find out the reasons behind the collapse of the agricultural market by 25 per cent in just 12 hours. Soybean oil prices remain unchanged despite a record fall in soybean prices in the last few days. There is a possibility of a big scam as consumers do not get these benefits even after buying agricultural produce at exorbitant prices. Prompt investigation into the scam by the ED, which has brought to light the cases of political leaders, could bring relief to both farmers and consumers. – Satish Kulkarni, Malegaonkar

Need improvements to the e-Crop Survey app

The report cites “low response to e-crop survey registration” as a network, Android phone and craft. They are situational. But beyond that, in the e-crop survey app, only one name appears on account 7/12 as an account holder. Therefore, there are no options for crop inspection in many cases such as division of accounts, no change of record, no agreement, mortgage, death of a person registered on 7/12 and land disputes in the name of the person mentioned in the will, civil claims pending in court. There is also a large proportion of such lands and farmers. So I think we need to make that kind of recording option available in the app. Otherwise, Kajjadalali’s claims will increase and so will the controversy. The revenue department should consider this. Now that everyone is in a hurry to take credit, these key points are likely to be forgotten. However, the overall effort is positive and it is possible to make this app perfect by making changes. – Sukhdev Kale, Dapoli


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