Lokmanas: Putting aside important questions

It beats people, it beats the gods. Summer is hot in the village and God has started the fan (nowadays AC). ‘

While reading the editorial ‘Deule means different bodies’, I remembered Prabodhankar Thackeray’s book ‘Deolacha Dharma and Dharmachi Deolale’ which was published 100 years ago. In it, he has given very strong opinions about those who are chanting devotion to God in the form of Deva-Dharma-Bhakt-Ishwar Charani Leenata etc. At one point he writes: ‘Idolatry is good or bad, true or false, Tarak or Marak, etc., but it is important that there is something special in the deity inside the temple and that it seems to be Akilmish. No matter how sweet the feeling of being liberated for a moment by standing at the door of God may feel sweet in Abhang Kavan, it literally breaks down in the case of Hindu temples and gods. What is in this idol of God enough to be experienced? The way of men is the way of gods. The man’s luxuries belong to the same gods, the man’s feelings belong to the same gods. It beats people, it beats the gods. Summer is hot in the village and the fan (nowadays AC) has started. ‘

During the Corona era, the peasantry is literally begging, businesses are dead, and unemployment is rising. Even so, what a blessing it is to take modern society back thousands of years by shouting ‘Ughad Dar Deva Aata’? This is a request not to shout while putting aside important questions. -Prabhakar Nanavati, Pashan, Pune

If you shout for vaccine, take it on your head

In the editorial ‘Deule means various bodies’ (September 1), the news of BJP’s ‘Open temples’ is correct. Maharashtra BJP is blind to power. Despite Carona’s crisis, he is working to warn people under the name of the temple. Maharashtra BJP president Chandrakant Patil has warned that if temples are not opened, people will not allow ministers to roam the streets. On the one hand, people are flocking to get vaccinated. As the central government is reducing the dose of vaccine to Maharashtra, it is falling short. There is a need to put pressure on the central government to get more vaccines at such times. For this, if the BJP workers in the state shout, clap, light lamps, clap and go on an indefinite fast, the people will take them head on. – Jaiprakash Narkar, Vasai

Consider professionals based on temples

I read the headline ‘Deule means various bodies’. The real temples are not just a means of subsistence for the Bhatji people, on which other businesses also depend. E.g. Traders selling flowers, camphor, coconut, incense, etc. And all these people are at the bottom level financially. They also need to be considered. Apart from this, other businesses like tourism, other goods, hotel industry are also run at the temple. So while other shops are open, there should be no problem if temples are opened. Now about the political parties. There is no need to talk much about BJP’s two-pronged policy. If Shiv Sena was in the Opposition, they too would have agitated in their style. What Raj Thackeray says is often true, but the party is not as strong as it should be. This is their fault. – Vijay Mundle, Mumbai

It is better to let go of their sound

The editorial read ‘Deule means different bodies’. In Maharashtra, it is clear that the agitation proposed by the aggrieved parties will not last even for the entire party. If he wants to compile and publish the speeches made by BJP leaders against the Mavia government last year, he will not find another suitable title like ‘Shankhanad’. There is no choice but to sit and do the conch until the re-election. It is difficult for those who are indigested by culture to digest the advice of Santvangmaya suggested by you. Healing the sound of conch shells! – Gajanan Gurjarpadhye, Dahisar (Mumbai)

A loud hut to bless the crowd

‘Deule means various bodies’ is an editorial pointing to the dual role of the BJP. Seeing the possible third wave of corona, the central government says don’t open everything immediately, while the BJP in Maharashtra turns a blind eye to it and urges the government to open temples. It is clear that this contradiction is born out of political will alone. In fact, the state government has full authority over what should be started and what should be stopped in the state. However, once it is opened, it is time to consider the possible consequences with the advice of experts and the same role is being played by the state government at present. It is not hidden why the BJP’s trepidation to open temples has started. Those who are in a hurry to get the ‘blessings’ of the crowd are reluctant to open temples with the aim of political puppets. – Vaibhav Patil, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai

Only then will we be blessed with peace

It has been proven many times that the Modi government treats Maharashtra with kindness. One of them is to ask the newly appointed ministers in Maharashtra to take out Jan Ashirwad Yatra. None of these ministers seem to have raised the issue with Modi that this will worsen the situation in Maharashtra. His Jan Ashirwad Yatra is over, ED’s fair has started. Those who gossip about it already say who will get into trouble. Even the parrots of these prophecies are extremely accurate. But they can’t say when Corona will leave. Then comes the time to ring the bell in front of the temple. The school bell doesn’t ring yet, it doesn’t seem to need anything. The peddlers go to great lengths to cut off the fingers of female officers and staff, about which these pilgrims feel nothing. This is our leader. Reservations have already been made. There is no balance between any test and the result. There is rain, storm and wind. If the government is trying to get out of it, then some people have taken it for granted that they do not want to give any suggestion. Power will not come by protesting just for the sake of protesting. People will be blessed only if they see someone’s policy that will bring happiness and peace. In fact, even if you put your mouth in the chair you got, Maharashtra will be better off. – Madhuri Vaidya, Kalyan (W)

Action should be taken against those hiding behind peddlers!

“Where is Vachak?” (September 1) If peddlers are sitting on the streets with weapons, the lives of ordinary people are equally in danger. But it is surprising that none of our systems have hinted at this. So it is sad to say that the hawker system is two steps ahead of the administration! The answer to this attack lies in the question of how these peddlers are already aware of the fact that some officials are about to remove you! But action will only be taken against the attacking peddlers! The people behind this administration will never come forward or take action against them. – Aniruddha Barve, Kalyan

Your own rules and your own peddlers

It has become a habit for peddlers to give vulgar answers to ordinary citizens and threaten them on occasion. No action is being taken against them. The court order that hawkers should not sit within a distance of 150 meters in the railway area is also not being followed. The police, the administration and the courts need to think seriously about this. However, the administration and the police, which are ready to take action against the common man, are silent against these unauthorized peddlers. The finances of those involved in this unauthorized business as well as the involvement of the peddlers, the administration and the police system give such courage to these peddlers. Will there ever be real action on this? – Hemant Patil, Goregaon, Mumbai

Is there a social thought behind this startup?

I read the letter ‘No need to control new entrepreneurs to preserve the old’. The question is policy determination. Technology is a tool. It should be used positively and constructively. The use of technology to promote education is welcome, not to dismantle the education system, as it seeks to create a brighter future for the younger generation. It is important to be aware that the huge supply of finance behind start-ups in the education sector is aimed at ‘trade-profit’. Keeping in mind the social purpose of education requires moderate control over it. – Dr. Vikas Inamdar, Paud Road, Pune


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