Lokmanas: We need a system and a society

Rape is happening every day in the country, but to date, these people have not been severely punished.

The news that a 14-year-old girl was brutally raped by men for two days in Pune did not dry up. It was in Mumbai that the agitation took place by lighting candles for Nirbhaya!

Rape is happening every day in the country, but to date, these people have not been severely punished. It is a woman’s right to choose what to wear or to travel alone, night and day, and society should protect her. Corona restrictions have resulted in police coverage everywhere and this is happening while CCTV is operational. In Pune, it is unfortunate that a helpless minor girl should not be seen at the railway station by the station master, police or fellow passengers, which is an indication of how selfish the society has become. This is due to outdated laws and faulty judiciary, the government and the police are not responsible for the criminals.

Nowadays, the society is aware of the caste and religion of the raped woman, but only poor and Dalit girls and women in the country, including the state, are more victims of rape and atrocities. Despite the revelation of atrocities against tribal women in Bhiwandi last week, the accused are at large as the society is asleep. – Subhash Abhang, Thane

Lines on paper only

‘Mumbai Sunn’ (Lok Satta – September 12) read the news of inhuman sexual abuse of women in Sakinaka area. Although laws have been tightened, rape cases do not appear to have decreased. On the contrary, the mentality of killing the victim seems to be on the rise. As a result, the laws are becoming ineffective, but the criminals do not see the law as well as the society. According to the National Crime Register Report, the incidence of violence against women has increased by 6 per cent since 2015. Uttar Pradesh leads the country in this regard, while Maharashtra ranks second. Though Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has instructed the concerned to expedite the case, about 1 lakh 63 thousand 112 cases are pending in the fast track courts of the state. Although 138 fast track courts have been sanctioned in the state under Nirbhaya Nidhi, only a few of them are functioning. Maharashtra ranks second only to Uttar Pradesh in pending cases in fast track courts.

India currently has over 100 laws for the protection of women. But without proper implementation, these laws have become mere lines on paper. – Balkrishna Shinde, Pune

What happened to Copardi?

The Sakinaka rape case should be tried in a ‘fast track’ court, the case should be presented in a strong manner by gathering proper evidence, and a chargesheet should be filed within a month as if the Chief Minister had given the order (Lok Satta – 12 Sept.). But will that actually happen? Such cases are heated for about a week, so the government and the police chief have to make such statements for the relief of the people, but nothing really happens. It is sad to say from experience that everything goes ahead at the speed of the court and the police (Kurm). Because the ‘Kopardi’ rape case took place on July 13, 2016, the three accused in that case were sentenced to death on November 29, 2017, but what happened next? – Aniruddha Ganesh Barve, Kalyan West

Caste must be destroyed from the heart, so

The word ‘caste wise census’ is a thorn in the flesh. The idea of ​​caste should be eradicated from the mind. Only if the same rules are applied to all as human beings, then the next generation of religions and castes will be destroyed and all human beings will be able to live a life full of their own virtues. It is important not to give caste-wise reservation to the poor brothers in the country, but to make them flourish by recognizing their virtues; So that they can promote development in all areas. – Manjusha Jadhav, Khar West (Mumbai)

Guesses are wrong, even if they were wrong

” Wanted ‘government’s challenge!’ In this front page article (September 10), it is said that India’s alliance with the Taliban was wasted. Guess what ‘is true. Reading these observations reminded me of the Sino-Indian war of 1962. In the early post-independence period, the country needed to build and prioritize infrastructure (river dams, steel and other factories, etc.). Accordingly, the government of the day adopted a policy of avoiding conflict with neighboring countries, maintaining friendly relations, and not joining any group in the Cold War. However, India’s predictions about China were wrong and it was defeated when the Chinese invaded. Regardless of the fact that the dice in international politics do not always fall as we want, the present rulers are trying to oust the leader of India till 1964. – Mukund Gondhalekar, Panvel

Tender, but first light

I read the news that the Road Corporation has issued a tender to make the Mumbai-Pune Expressway safer (Lok Satta – 12 Sept.). All the tunnels on this road are unsafe due to lack of adequate lighting. When the speeding vehicles pass through the tunnel due to the scorching sun, it gets very dark in front of the eyes of the driver, which has led to many serious accidents. For this, more intense electric lights should be started in the tunnel during the day. The Roads Corporation should pay attention to this. – Sudhir Keshav Bhave, Jogeshwari East (Mumbai)


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