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It is important for democracy to show its true strength to the Election Commission in view of the working of the ruling party.

The importance of this autonomous body of the Election Commission is underscored by any election in the country or state. The Election Commission is expected to ensure that free and fair elections do not cause any harm to anyone. However, there is a big question mark over the independence of the Election Commission or many other institutions. The trumpets of the Assembly elections of five states, which are considered to be the semi-finals of 2024, have sounded the trumpet. In this context, an appropriate comment has been made from the editorial ‘Panchachi Pariksha’ (January 10). To date, the strength of the Election Commission has rarely been seen. In the current context, it is important for democracy to show its true strength to the Election Commission, given the working methods of the ruling party.

Infinite Borse, Shahapur, District Thane

Of security occasionsCapital for elections!

‘Lost in Punjab, get in Uttar Pradesh?’ (Red Fort – January 10) I read this article by Mahesh Saralashkar. The ‘fiasco’ of the Prime Minister’s partisan campaign tour in the run-up to the Punjab elections and the subsequent allegations and japajapya have created confusion among the people about him instead of gaining sympathy. There is no denying that the Prime Minister and his security are important at the administrative level; But how reasonable is it to capitalize on his election? This is not acceptable to the people of Punjab. In short, it is becoming clear that this ‘security issue’ will not affect the Punjab elections and the voters there. In Punjab, only those farmers who speak in the interest of the people have been given power till now. The BJP’s central leadership may have realized that it was impossible to deal with the farmers there. After the riots in West Bengal, Modi tried to raise the issue of security in Punjab but to no avail. The issue of Uttar Pradesh remained. If contesting elections in the name of Yogi Adityanath seems to be a threat to the BJP, then it too should be considered as a warning bell for the BJP. All in all, this Assembly election for 2024 could be a dangerous trumpet for the BJP.

Aniruddha Ganesh Barve, Kalyan West

Will the amount of emotions work in Punjab??

Mahesh Saralashkar’s ‘Lost in Punjab, will you get in Uttar Pradesh?’ Read this article. For the last few years, the BJP has been taking every election seriously and trying to win the election with some excuses. Punjab is not like other states, this should be considered by Chanakyas in BJP now. In fact, even the Hindu Mahasabha is bringing this hypocrisy in the minds of the Punjabi people by asking Modi the question ‘How to have faith in you’. Among the voters and people of the country who are truly self-respecting, Punjabi Sikhs should also be considered important. Is it possible to capture Punjab by hurting Sikh voters by saying ‘I came back alive’?

Sunil Samdolikar, Kolhapur

Hypocrisy over eggplant oil

The question of security not only of Modi but also of any Prime Minister is undeniable! However, the childish, dirty politics of blaming the Punjab government as an alternative to Modiji and his BJP in the aftermath of Modi’s partial visit to Punjab is pure rhetoric. In fact, there should be an inquiry into what the Prime Minister’s SPG (Special Protection Group) and intelligence agencies were doing! This is due to lack of coordination in the security system, technical issues and shortcomings. Fighting people need an excuse. Prime Minister Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have reached the pinnacle of hypocrisy as they are skilled in making election politics different. They are not afraid of failure in the forthcoming five state assembly elections, are they? As Saint Tukaram Maharaj said, truth has no back or stomach, it should be kept in mind by all concerned!

Shrikant Ma. Jadhav, Past (Dist. Satara)

Dalit PantherWill you cut it again??

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Dalit Panther Association, which was established on May 29, 1972, and the state-wide ‘Dalit Panther Suvarna Mahotsav Samiti’ will start its programs from January 10, says Subodh More in his article ‘Pantherchi Pannashi’ (Sunday Special – January 9). Read. The ‘Dalit Panther’ was an organization that fought against injustice and atrocities against Dalits in Eastern Maharashtra. The founders of this organization, Raja Dhale and Namdev Dhasal, had elaborated on the ideological framework to bring the issues of the society to the forefront. Although the Dalit Panther launched a rebellious movement against those who advocated untouchability, it was part of a push-pull movement to awaken the established society. Progressive Maharashtra at the time adopted the Panther’s rationalist ideological role and the aggressive approach of the Panther leaders to bring justice to the underprivileged. As a result, the issues of Dalits began to be widely considered.

But today the existence of Dalit Panther organization in Maharashtra has completely come to an end. The only reason for this is the division of the organization into several factions. The panther’s condition became very miserable due to his desire to taste power through political bargaining. Will all the Ambedkarite leaders come together except jealousy? And can they read the issues of Dalits in the state? Will the ‘Dalit Panther’ really cut once again?

Pvt. Sachin Badal Jadhav, Badlapur (Dist. Thane)

..Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

Newspapers were not available for a few days during the lockdown. After that the newspaper distribution became smooth. But many stopped taking home newspapers during this time. What’s special is that it hasn’t started yet. In this regard, it has been repeatedly stated that ‘newspaper does not spread any disease’ is simple research; But still Marathi newspaper is not taken in some houses. What to call it? Later, these same people comment on the declining importance of Marathi.

Q. At. Black, Satpur (Nashik)

CNot always traumatic.

I read the article (January 10) in the Bhashasutra section ‘Anuswar in the wrong place’. In it, the utterance of “Ag, G-G” is shocking by all Marathi speakers, but the statement “Ag, G, such forms are found everywhere” also implies that the pronunciation of G in Marathi is always shocking. It doesn’t happen that way. We use many words like Dhag, Rag, Ng, Dhag, Jag without any shock! It is not written that ‘G’ is not a form of ‘Gay’.

Paresh Vasant Vaidya, Girgaon (Mumbai)

Improper use of analogy or examples?

Anuswara is often misused. Ordinary Marathi speakers will easily remember some examples like ‘Tasanch-Tasanch’, ‘Rahilanch-Rahilacha’. However, the two examples given in the article ‘Misuse of Anuswara’ in ‘Bhashasutra’ do not fit.

The first example is ‘people’. It is masculine (yes, not masculine, masculine. And not neuter). ‘There were a lot of people’ – this sentence is grammatically incorrect. There are many such phrases in the dialect. It is not appropriate to write like that in standard language. However, it should be noted that the word ‘people’ is being used incorrectly and not ‘issue of space’. When it comes to transcribing sentences in the dialect as they are (when there is text in a dialogue or quote) it is necessary to give a dialect to indicate the impact of the dialect.

Another example – Aang / Gm. These two words are forward, and gay, respectively, indicating the tragic end of the address. The words aage and gay are very common in Marathi language. E.g. ‘Gay mayabhu, tujhe me fedin pang saare’ or ‘gay nilavanti, kashala zakisi kaya tujhi?’ Let’s look at these verses. ‘Aage’ is widely used in old novels and plays. Therefore, Anuswara between Aang / G is also correct. – Gauri Deshmukh, Thane

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