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India’s social fabric is not so weak that it will be uprooted by hate speech.

“Your silence incites hate speech”, read this news (January 9). Though the strong voice of the group of 183 highly educated students and professors who wrote the letter to the Prime Minister’s Office may seem weak in the current turmoil, the issues raised in the letter reflect India’s rising social fabric.

The notion that “negative publicity is also a form of publicity” seems to be taken more seriously, especially by those in the political arena. Statements that create social divisions, words that denigrate people of a particular caste or religion, hateful statements that polarize the society are the ones that attract the most applause, crowds and publicity. With few exceptions, the media, especially the news channels, spread such statements to the masses. If there is anything left from them, then the talkers of political parties spread those statements on social media.

Even though such statements are being made by all party leaders, it is well known that BJP leaders and activists do it in large quantities. This group is not like the gossip on social media but about those who are shaping the future of India in real sense, so it is important to think seriously about their letter.

The students sent a letter to the Prime Minister as he too has made his image as a patriarchal figure for the students by holding ‘Discussions on Examinations’ and ‘Mann Ki Baat’. BJP leaders and activists as well as the naive general public are not beyond Modi’s word. These hateful statements can stop at one word. Even though it has grown exponentially in the last seven years, it is a sad fact that Prime Minister Modi has remained silent on this. As a student, the question arises as to whether they are silent or not.

It’s not too late yet. India’s social fabric is not so weak that it will be uprooted by hate speech. However, Narendra Modi is in a position today which has the capacity to stop the attacks on her to a large extent and he has a personality who can stop these statements in one word. As a student, I hope he will respond to this letter as a tolerant person, not the Prime Minister, or at least advise his party leaders and activists to refrain from making hateful statements.

Srinivasa Ki. Feudal lord, Brother, Thane

How that letter will be taken care of?

Whether Modi will break his silence by taking proper note of the letter sent to the Prime Minister’s Office by professors and students from IIMs in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. . Thus, the overall working style of the Modi government is responsible for the presence of questions and doubts.

Meanwhile, a case of treason was filed against 49 people who wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, outraged by the rising number of mob incidents in the country. It included well-known artists, writers and thinkers from many fields. The letter demanded that Modi should take strict action against the growing mobs in the country, not just verbally. However, he was directly charged with treason. The Delhi Police (which comes under the purview of the Union Home Ministry) has registered a case against some people for pasting posters criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the corona vaccination, saying, “Modiji, send our children vaccines abroad.”

The image of the Modi government is being tarnished as the international media is reporting that the second wave of Corona has taken a monstrous form in the country. Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar had instructed Indian ambassadors to various countries to take sides. The writers launched a campaign to withdraw the award, which was immediately followed by a group of writers on their side. Some thinkers issued leaflets protesting against the government’s policies, saying that they would immediately form another group of so-called thinkers who would support the government. In support of the peasant movement, some foreign artists – celebrities, tweets, while the government has started a tweet war with Indian artists, celebrities holding hands. Leaders of 12 major opposition parties in the country wrote a letter to Narendra Modi regarding coordination between the government and the opposition. How much attention was paid to that letter by Modi?

Balkrishna Shinde, Pune

Restrictions will be imposed, But who cares?

Read the news (Jan 9) ‘Matotsavachi Nandi’. Given the actual explosion of the omikron, there was no reason to postpone the election for a month. But rejecting the all-party demand, the Election Commission said that in a democracy, elections need to be held on time. The Election Commission has announced restrictions on the election campaign. But it is doubtful whether they will be followed by their relatives. From experience, from time to time, all these rules seem to have been trampled underfoot. Against the backdrop of the growing number of corona and omecron patients, some voters will not be able to get out of the house out of fear. So what will the Election Commission do to increase the turnout?

Gurunath Vasant Marathe, Borivali, Mumbai

Forget everything until the election is over

The news of ‘Matotsavachi Nandi’ was read. Until the elections in these five states are over, our Prime Minister’s Office will be working on this important election duty! In the meantime, the ruling party will not have time to answer any of the less important issues facing the country, such as rising fuel prices, coronation support, inflation, etc. (due to their busy election campaigns)! Camping in Uttar Pradesh as a mini Lok Sabha election will be an important achievement during this tenure. Therefore, the people will have to wait till the end of the election to get answers to any question from the ruling party except the defense!

Praveen Ambeskar, Thane

To you CabThat’s right PubChihi need

‘Why do BJP’s stories work?’ If you agree to this letter (January 9), what should you call it? We consider it a blessing to exalt Jawaharlal Nehru from the depths after the infamous song ‘A Mere Watan Ke Logo’ without seriously explaining the reason behind the crushing defeat of China in the 1962 war. The Panchsheel principle was upheld. Still, 60 years later, we have not been able to permanently knock on the door on the Chinese border. Today, China is leading not only on the border but on all fronts. Where are we From machinery, electric lanterns to mobiles, laptops and many other small items, it seems that China has infiltrated homes. Rahul Gandhi had to go to the temple saying ‘I am a Janavi Dharak Brahmin’. Why couldn’t he remain a true secularist? We find it more convenient to wear the rosary than to fight for the overall development of the country. Covid Appropriate Behavior – Along with CAB, Progressive Appropriate Behavior – PAB is a real need of the country.

Raghavendra Mannur, Dombivli

Village of booksBooks are needed from village to village

I read the letter ‘Improving the management of the book village’. The errors in the book village have been explained by the letter writers themselves. This is due to the general apathy towards books. Admittedly, visitors to places like Bhilar are not for reading but for tourism (Mahabaleshwar, Pachgani Darshan). So let them enjoy a nice tour. Why build such a village for real books? Because the subject of reading is not limited to a particular village, it should spread everywhere.

The library is a great way to read a wide variety of books, available at very low cost, close to home. If the government really wants to cultivate the reading movement, then village libraries should be encouraged. Activities like storytelling, poetry reading mentioned by the letter writers can definitely be organized from libraries. More and more people can take advantage of them. Instead of spending Rs.

– Saurabh Sable, Karad, Satara

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