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Vinoba uses old terms to refer to current questions. So it is misleading to understand a question.

Atul Sulakhe – [email protected]

Writing a new meaning to an old word is a non-violent process of thought revolution

– Gita discourses, Chapter 2.

There is more to Vinoba’s way of thinking than just physical exertion and scholarship. It is their way of thinking. She is a bit better than their erudition.

Vinoba uses old terms to refer to current questions. So it is misleading to understand a question. E.g. Bhudan Yajna to Sukshmat Pravesh. It is abundant in their literature. There is also a tone of dislike on it. However, the content is completely new and this thing is not easily noticed. The opposite also happens.

Traditional churches objected to him saying, ‘I understand more than sages and saints because I am sitting on their shoulders. Ervi, I would not have dared to say that. ‘

If we do not know this way of thinking, Vinoba’s thoughts do not reach those who think in a modern and traditional way. The so-called modernists do not usually know the tradition, and the traditional churches have nothing to do with modernity.

There is a ‘thought-formula’ in any of his writings. In this sense, it is a combination of tradition and modernity, but their language is also formulaic.

Sutras and attitudes are seen in Gita discourses. There are 60 authorities in Gitai. Vinob summarized the Bible, the Koran. He also formulated that summary. He also formulated the Ashram vows.

This is the way of sages and scribes. A small formula puts a big meaning in front of us.

According to Vinob, who is a Hindu? One who is saddened by violence. No comment is required.

He also formulated such formulas in the vernacular.

He gave formulas in folk language as well as Sanskrit. ‘All the land belongs to Gopal.’ And the last thing that can be said is, everything comes in ‘Jai Jagat’. The work they set up based on these formulas can be called an experiment of non-violent revolution.

Vinoba’s language is formulaic, not complicated. When they come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. Another specialty of Vinob’s thought is the insistence on unity. They did not agree with the majority. If one in a hundred people have a different opinion, Vinoba will consider that person’s opinion. Waiting for it to change. Because a decision based on the opinion of 99 people is forced on a person with a different role. Here comes the violence and Vinob wanted to sow the seeds of non-violent revolution.

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