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Vinoba, who seemed to be rude and studious, did not leave the association of Dnyandev and Dnyaneshwari.

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Vinoba’s ideology was touched by saintly thoughts and changed its form. At the age of 13, Dnyaneshwari came into his hands and his ideological journey began in a different way.

Vinoba, who seemed to be rude and studious, did not leave the association of Dnyandev and Dnyaneshwari. He left home and went to Kashikshetri. Leaving the house, Dnyaneshwari was near. Even while sleeping. So much for the Mauli fight.

The God of knowledge broke the stone in me. Neither Acharya Shankar nor Gandhiji could do that. ‘ His utterances on such matters are famous.

Dnyaneshwar as the founder of Dharma, Namdev as the culmination of love, Soyra as the whole family Bhagavadbhakta, Chokha, Banka, Eknath as Shantibrahma (these Eknath traditions were added by Tukaram, Ramdas, Justice Ranade and Gandhiji), Tukoba as mother’s place and breaking all worldly traps. With the help of Ramdas, Vinob got the company of such saintly thoughts.

The middle ground of Maharashtra is ‘Gyanba-Tukaram’. The ‘Saraswati’ of Maharashtra is Indrayani. Dharmagranth Dnyaneshwari, while the apostle or founder of the religion is Dnyandev, his role was.

He edited the literature of Saint Panchak of Maharashtra under the title ‘Bhajane’. He wrote critical introductions. Vinob’s contribution to the ideological history of Maharashtra is unique. For this, the hymns of God of Knowledge along with Chintanike and the preface volume of Eknath’s hymns must be seen.

He has used the simple and precise word ‘saint’ for the difficult word ‘tattvadarshi’ in the Bhagavad Gita.

There is no falsehood, there is no existence, there is no destruction of truth

The verdict is the same for both the saints

(Gitai – A. 2 Shlo. 16)

He is a saint who distinguishes between truth and falsehood. He got this interpretation from Ramdas.

He used to say, ‘My mother is Tukaram and my father is Ramdas’. Because they lived for 42 and 72 years respectively. This was the culmination of saintly love.

He felt that his work should be linked to Wari. This has been happening for some time. Today there is a work of spreading Geetai in Wari. On the occasion of Vinoba’s death anniversary, the people of Pawan leave the festival of Ain Diwali and celebrate Harinam Week. The sisters in the Brahmavidya temple worship the saint literature.

All of Vinob’s literature seems to be very elegant and simple because it is a refuge for saintly literature. One of his highest compositions is the speech he gave when he first visited Pandharpur. It is also in the form of a booklet called ‘Pandurangachya Charani’. It is the highest form of devotion.

Vinoba also worshiped saints all over the country. From that, his ideological position became higher and deeper.

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