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Notice of State Task Force to State Government

Mumbai: The incidence of rain-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, swine flu, etc. is also increasing and the symptoms of corona are similar. Therefore, it is important to focus on corona testing as soon as symptoms appear, so as to prevent the spread of infection with treatment if diagnosed in time, the corona task force underlined at a medical conference held on Sunday to guide doctors and nurses across the state.

Kunte said the conference was organized in view of the role of ‘My Doctor’ in preventing the third wave and the threat of the third wave in time.

‘Corona is not a disease of concealment. As soon as the diagnosis is made, efforts will be made to prevent the spread of the infection in other places including the family. Therefore, when fever, body aches, headaches and other symptoms like corona appear, the first suspicion should come to the citizen and the treating doctor. The risk is higher if the pain is removed. For this, the doctor needs to do RTPCR test first along with testing for diseases like dengue, malaria etc. Also, even when a corona is diagnosed, the basic rules of homelessness are often not followed. So the infection spreads. Patients should be admitted to the isolation ward to prevent infection in their family members. Doctors also need to counsel them in this regard, ‘said the head of the task force, Dr. Sanjay Oak said. Everyone should follow the motto ‘I know, I am responsible’, said Dr. Expressed by Oak.

Rapid infection in the United States, Because ..

Coronary infections are on the rise in areas of the United States where citizens are currently denied compliance and vaccination with corona prevention measures. Therefore, the citizens of India should not make the same mistake again. Mehul Mehta drew attention.

Care is needed even after recovery

Even after coronation, some people experience various problems after 4 to 12 weeks and some even after 12 weeks. Fatigue, shortness of breath, depression, feeling unwell etc. are found. Kidney disease has also been seen in these patients for some time. Therefore, patients need to consult a doctor in time without ignoring it, said Dr. Expressed by Ajit Desai.

Don’t be afraid of new looks.

Although Delta, Delta Plus, Mu are changing the variants of the corona, the mask is the only good way to protect against it. Therefore, citizens should use the mask properly and get vaccinated without fear, appealed Dr. Performed by Shashank Joshi.

The children will be fine at home.

Although coronary heart disease will increase in children, most children will be able to recover at home. So parents should not be afraid. Many schools in the United States have had to close due to an increase in corona infection. Therefore, care must be taken when opening a school. At the same time, there are some side effects of keeping children locked up at home, such as mobile addiction and overeating, which should be taken into consideration, he said. Suhas Prabhu said.

Timely diagnosis is important

The coronary period is about three weeks. Medications should be given within four to five days of the onset of symptoms to prevent the virus from spreading rapidly. Also, monoclonal antibody treatment is now seen to be effective for patients with a deficient immune system. This method should also be given in the first few days. Therefore, it is necessary to test early and make a diagnosis in time, said Dr. Expressed by Rahul Pandit. He explained to the conference how and why to follow the important aspects of treatment at the right time, proper use of medicines including antibiotics, control of sugar, benefits of sleeping pills, etc. Wet using a mask for a long time. When wet masks do not provide protection, citizens should carry two to three masks and change the masks frequently, he said. Pandit said.

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