Maliwada center closed for an hour; Stop MNS


Corporator pressure for vaccination of some

Nagar: The strange pressure was exerted on the Maliwada Health Center of the Municipal Corporation by the corporators to give precautionary corona vaccine to the citizens sent by them. In protest, health workers at the center stopped vaccination for about an hour. The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena staged a Rasta Rocco agitation. While vaccination is going on smoothly at other health centers in the city, only in Maliwada center, frequent obstructions are being created, the Corporation officials are pointing out.

Since Maharashtra Day, Corona Prevention Vaccination has been started for citizens above 18 years of age in the city. In the first phase, 10,000 doses have been made available. Only the Artillery and Sawedi Health Centers in the city are running second dose vaccination centers for citizens above 45 years of age. In the other four centers, vaccination of citizens in the age group of 18 to 44 years is underway. However, this vaccination requires pre-registration on the Covin app. These registered citizens are told on what date to be present for vaccination.

However, in Maliwada Health Center, some corporators are sending their close citizens and pressuring the health workers to vaccinate them as a matter of priority. Citizens line up in the sun in the morning for vaccinations, but some corporators try to get their activists involved. As a result, the citizens in the queue have to wait. The outrage erupted today, Tuesday. The vaccinating staff left. So the vaccination stopped. Citizens were also upset. The confusion grew.

Therefore, citizens including Nitin Bhutare of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena blocked the road in front of the Center in full sun. Due to this confusion, the citizens who were queuing for vaccination left the queue and gathered at the center. The result was a flurry of social distance rules. Police also rushed there and brought the situation under control. An hour later, health workers resumed vaccinations.

Maliwada center closed for an hour; Stop MNS

While the state government’s free vaccination is getting a huge response, the central government’s rules have created technical difficulties. As a result, citizens are deprived of vaccinations. Many citizens are from ordinary families, they have simple phones. They cannot register online. They also do not have the mobiles required for online registration. MLA Sangram Jagtap has sent a letter to Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar demanding amendment in the online registration rules as citizens are being deprived of vaccinations.

Obstacles only in Maliwada center; Smooth in other places

Vaccination at the Malewada Health Center in the municipal city is frequently hampered. Vaccination is well underway at all other health centers. If similar obstructions continue to arise in Maliwada center, the vaccination center there will have to be shifted and the citizens will be vaccinated in other centers.

Yashwant Dange, Deputy Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Nagar.

File charges against the pressure corporators

Councilors in the Maliwada area are urging health workers to vaccinate at health centers, forcing their workers to be vaccinated even though they are not registered online. In addition, the corporation has not made proper planning for vaccination. Municipal Corporation should file cases against the corporators who bring pressure.

ितीNitin Bhutare,

District Organizer, MNS, Nagar.

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