Manda Mhatre’s displeasure was noticed by the party

‘Women are ostracized in BJP’

Mumbai: In the BJP, women are not given due respect and they are marginalized, said Manda Mhatre, MLA from Belapur in Navi Mumbai recently. This has been taken up by senior BJP leaders and a dialogue will be held with Manda Mhatre, said state president Chandrakant Patil.

In Navi Mumbai politics, the conflict between former minister Ganesh Naik and Manda Mhatre is old. BJP leader Narendra Patil organized for Mathadi workers at Vashi

Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis inaugurated the vaccination program recently. Airoli MLA Ganesh Naik was invited at this time. However, local MLA Manda Mhatre was ousted. There were no pictures of him on the billboards. Therefore, Manda Mhatre, who was angry, slammed the party in his speech. He lamented that despite being elected to the Assembly twice, he was being ousted by the party.

If the party had not fielded a candidate in 2019, I would have fought as an independent. That’s what I told my superiors. I’m not afraid of anyone. I was first accused of being elected in a wave of Modi in 2014. But in 2019, when there was no Modi wave, Manda Mhatre claimed that I was elected with huge votes because of my work.

I still have to struggle today. When a woman starts doing good deeds, male leaders start cutting their wings. Fear of not being able to use their photographs on the board, not being invited to the event, starts with fear. But we should continue our work without fear, explained Manda Mhatre. “Whether I am nominated or not, I will fight,” he said.

State President Chandrakant Patil interacted with Manda Mhatre and said that he would listen to his views. Feelings can be expressed at the party. If Manda Mhatre has any experience, let’s talk to him. He also has a good dialogue with Devendra Fadnavis, said Patil.

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