Missile tests of South and North Korea

While Japan, South Korea and the United States have expressed concern about North Korea’s missile program, South Korea and North Korea have tested the missiles at intervals of a few hours. This has increased the military capabilities of South and North Korea and increased the headaches of the United States and its allies. North Korea is now likely to come under renewed pressure from these countries to abandon its nuclear program.

South Korea’s presidential palace said the intercontinental ballistic missile was tested on Wednesday afternoon. The missile was fired from a 3,000-tonne submarine. This missile cut the prescribed distance. The statement said that the missile that South Korea tested would make it possible to counter the threat from North Korea. South Korea says it conducted the tests in self-defense. North Korea has since tested two short-range missiles. On Monday, North Korea tested a cruise missile. North Korea tested on Monday for the first time in six months. South Korea does not usually announce missile tests publicly but this time it was done so North Korea has been unnecessarily evacuated. According to observers, the tests were carried out while Moon’s government was playing a role in reconciliation with North Korea.

The South Korean military said North Korean missiles were fired from Central and North Korea on Wednesday. They covered a distance of 800 km from a height of 60 km. The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command says North Korea’s missile program is illegal and could have serious consequences, posing a threat to the United States. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said the missile tests threatened peace. The Japanese government has stepped up surveillance and is ready to deal with any situation.

The Japanese Coast Guard said no ship or aircraft was damaged. North Korea violated a UN Security Council resolution by testing a missile on Wednesday. However, the missiles, which were tested on Wednesday, are unlikely to impose new restrictions. Currently, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is in South Korea for talks, while North Korea is conducting tests. Meanwhile, South Korean President Moon has welcomed China’s stance on North Korea in the international political arena.

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