‘Modi… Modi घोषणा’ slogan, tricolor and jallosh; In the pouring rain, Indians welcomed the Prime Minister to the United States

Modi will leave for New York on September 24 for the convention. Modi will also meet the chief executives of big companies.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in the United States. Prime Minister Modi had flown a special Air India One flight from India to the United States. Modi arrived in Washington, the US capital, at around 4 am Indian time today. Modi was warmly welcomed by the Indians at the Joint Base Andrews Airport here. Modi himself shared some photos in this regard on social networks.

When Prime Minister Modi arrived in Washington, it was raining lightly. However, hundreds of people were standing outside the Indian airport to welcome Modi. The Indian flag was also seen in the hands of these Indians who were announcing Modi… Modi. This is Modi’s first major tour since the Corona outbreak, excluding neighboring Bangladesh. Modi was welcomed by US officials. India’s Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu was also present to welcome Modi. Modi shook hands with supporters gathered outside the airport and welcomed them.

We are very happy to see Modi. “It doesn’t matter if we have to stand in the rain to see Modi,” a person who came to the spot told ANI. Also, one of the Indian women gathered here said that Prime Minister Modi’s visit would be beneficial for strengthening relations between India and the United States.

“This visit is important in the context of the Corona and Afghanistan issues. Modi is a world leader who can solve any problem. We are Indians and they represent millions of Indians, ”she said.

“During our visit to the United States, we will further strengthen the strategic partnership between India and the United States, as well as with Japan and Australia,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while leaving for the United States on Wednesday.

Before leaving for the United States to attend the General Assembly, he said that at the UN General Assembly, we will raise the issue of Corona, terrorism, climate change and other important issues. After Prime Minister Modi left for the US on Wednesday morning, he has posted a picture of himself sitting on a plane in a tweet message.

We are going to the United States from September 22 to 25 at the invitation of President Joe Biden. The visit will further strengthen the joint and comprehensive partnership between India and the United States. “We will discuss regional and global issues with Biden,” Modi said.

Modi said he would attend the Quad meeting, which will be attended by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and US President Joe Biden. The virtual meeting of the Quad countries was held in March but now there is an opportunity to meet these leaders in person. The outcome of the March meeting will be reviewed at this time. The situation in the Indo-Pacific region will also be discussed. His visit to the United States will strengthen the strategic partnership with that country, as well as strengthen ties with countries such as Japan and Australia.

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Harshvardhan Shringala said that Modi would attend the Covid 19 summit convened by Biden, adding that the issue of Afghanistan would be important in the bilateral talks between Modi and Biden.

On the evening of September 24, Modi will leave for New York for the General Assembly session. Prime Minister Modi will also meet the CEOs of major US companies.


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