Modi’s use of Twitter to reach out to the urban class

Research reveals the matter of 2019 elections

According to a research, in the 2019 elections, Prime Minister Modi rewarded nationalism and solid culturalism through Twitter to attract the urban middle class in India. Abhijit Mujumdar, a professor of Indian descent, said the research was published in the International Communication Research Journal, which sheds light on how Indian leaders used Twitter in 2019.

“We have done research on how Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi used Twitter in the 74 days of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections,” said Abhijit Mujumdar, an associate professor at Park University in Missouri. The title of the dissertation is ‘Tweeting to Win – Analyzing Social Media Use in India 2019’. Other researchers include Bhavana Wal and Umna Anglin, doctoral students from the Sir Ramaswaroop Memorial Institute in Uttar Pradesh. Angeline is an alumnus of the School of Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Tennessee. Modi made 41 per cent of his tweets on statements made at rallies, while 17 per cent of his tweets were addressed to political opponents. 13% of the messages were related to nationalism. A wave of nationalism was then created in the context of the attack on Pakistan. During the campaign, Modi sent 10 tweets a day. In comparison, Rahul Gandhi did not use Twitter very effectively. According to some, Modi sent very few tweets on the issue of development.

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